I Would Like Some "Advice" Concerning Afther Great Vault

OK, Most, but not all (yet) characters spanked Troy and got into the great vault. I got the “magical ability to read Eridian Writings”

Would it be best to get them in “normal mode” or should I read all that crazy writings in TVHM???

Yeah… I worry about this stuff…

I love the lore and rushed those so fast on my first playthrough lol

You can get then whenever you want. If you’re worried about the right order, you can re-hear them from the menu.

I got them on normal for most of my characters. It’s not necessary to play TVHM in this game and I ended up picking them up as I went back to get crew challenges/side missions I missed.

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I believe that you get more eridium for translating them in tvhm. Could be wrong though.

Thank you all.

I am a “completeness freak”, so I have a compulsion to get EVERYTHING!