I would like the ability to preselect and save helix tree abilities before a game

Being able to level up in game is a great idea that I really love. However having to stop what I’m doing in the heat of battle to choose the next level in the helix tree is really putting me off. One can preselect and save gear loadouts for different character/game types, and I’m wondering why I can’t preselect helix level abilities prior to a game. That way when I reach the appropriate level that ability would automatically take effect and come into to play and I can seemlessly soldiering on. I would have already done the hard working selecting and balancing my character prior, so I am not mssing out on any steps just being a bit more organised.


Get in line. A bunch of requests were made for this feature. I heard they recognized the concern and were looking into this feature but it wouldn’t be ready any time soon.

+1 The game should have released with this feature.

Sorry I had a quick look couldn’t see any recent posts about it. I figured though I wouldn’t be the first, just seems like a really obvious thing.

As long as you can still level in game instead, I don’t mind. I personally adjust my helix choices based on enemy team comp as well as my own. However, I see no problem with this being an option for those whom always use the same build.

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I like the idea of being able to choose a standard Helix build, but yes, also to be able to choose on the fly. In addition, how about “Helix loadouts” similar to our gear loadouts? I like the preset idea as opposed to doing it on the fly overall, but having both options is a bonus for different player desires/choices.

If it like, just highlighted the one your ‘build’ has instead of autopicking it that would be great, something so that I know what my guidelines are REAL QUICK but if I wanna change it up because of Comp reasons I can, because that’s the point of the helix over the gear loadouts, the helix is meant to be flexible.

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I definitely see the use for this, although I think the idea was that different situations might require different choices and you choose in-game in order to pick the one that’s most useful to you at the time. That said, I agree with others who’ve posted; I have no problem seeing helix preset features put in the game as long as I can have the option to say ‘no I don’t want to use a preset I’d rather choose in-game’.

I see the appeal and feel it’d be great for PvP (maybe PvE advanced), but honestly I’ve gotten to the point where I know exactly which skills are next and which I need/want to pick so it takes less than half a second.

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Such a bad idea

I disagree, if only because you shouldn’t use the same build every match. (For me at least) I build a lot of my helix based on what the needs of the match are, and only have a few regular picks. It might work in PvE, but it would become annoying in PvP.

I’d have to disagree with this suggestion. I gave my reasons when this was raised in another thread.

I’m going to say I’d like this as well, but with the option to enable or disable preselects either in game or before a match starts. To Martok, if everyone has the ability to use this, then there is no advantage. Most people use the same load outs regardless, with maybe a tweak here and there. Having to wait for a quiet spot? What if that next upgrade helps you make it through a hectic area in order to reach that quiet spot? It just makes sense for something you are always doing to have a way of automating it.

Here’s a suggestion. Be able to highlight all the skills you think you are going to use in the load out screen. When it comes time to enabling them, instead of hitting the up arrow, and then choosing the skill, be able to double tap the up arrow to enable your default. Best of both worlds.

I agree with this. Honestly, I think there’s a certain ableism emanating from anyone who’d challenge it. Oh, you want to set up your helix before a battle? Too bad, deal with it like everyone else does.

Except that some people can’t. And really, if we can’t do preset helix builds, then I really don’t think we should be able to take in preset loadouts, either. In fact, every time we have enough for a new item, we should have to slowly scroll through pages of items while we’re being shot at. That sounds like a great idea!

There’s a certain hypocrisy to it. I suppose the healix system is great if you have perfect vision and you can slap down your tree in a matter of seconds. But not all of us can.

And saying that helixes need to adapt to the flow of the battle is just as silly and ridiculous as saying that loadouts do. This isn’t Overwatch. You go into a battle knowing what role you plan on playing, there’s no frenetically flip-flopping between choices unless you’re a bad player.

So, yes, I agree. From the point of being disabled myself, I definitely agree with this. I have to just get by with windows magnifier to handle builds, I would dearly love the ability to preset it per character.

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Ehhh, I wouldn’t call a player who can adapt to the current situation bad. Sure you go in knowing your own characters role, but that’s just half the battle. The other half is your opponent, and currently there is no way to see the opposing team comp until the game is about to start. Based on that, flexibility in picking your helix can be key.

There’s a bunch of examples, but the one that comes off the top of my head is Orendis lvl 1 helix. Is there an OM, S&A or a Deande on the other team? Then the helix allowing you to reveal cloaked enemies is probably a better choice. If not, go ahead and add that DoT to Nullify.

After a while playing with your character, you should already have an idea of what you’ll be picking, so you won’t have to read over the text in the heat of the battle. I personally really like the idea of highlighting prefrred helix choices though, so that you still have to manually activate them, but if you’re new with the character you don’t have to spend time figuring out which one it is that you wanted

I never change my Helix around once I get it optimized. And nothing that happens in game will make me opt for worthless helix upgrades over good ones lol.