I would like to continue dedicated farming

I really expected mayhem 10 to do something for dedicated boss drops
Ik, loot the universe is cool but I prefer to go for a specific item and not for all 20 possible shields or what ever
I think that on mh10 you should get like 1 of the dedicated drops 100% of the time, you are killing a boss. Its the ultimate endgame. And shields and relics don’t even scale. So the only reason to set it to mh10 is to get a better drop chance o.o


That’s not true any more. Mayhem 10 weapons do more damage than Mayhem 0 weapons.

always include the full quote


Almost shield and grenade traunt has not been anointed for me. Not that I want was he has to offer but the fact that’s the case on M10 is gross. I’m guessing a lot of other bosses are more or less the same.

rare spawns like el dragon or road dog still dropping…nothing at all xD

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Yea was farming Eista earlier and the cocky bastard I managed to get was worse than the pre-mayhem 2.0 cocky bastard my buddy farmed chests for. FeelsGoodMan to put in all that effort on mayhem 10 let me tell ya. Perfect system, totally not broken at all O.o Kappa

You mean 20 possible shields 15 are the right one but none with the right anoint or perks right lol

i just prefer to drop out of a pool of 2-3 dedicated items
still a higher chance to get what you want xD

yeah my experience has been getting 20 of the item I want all anointed and not a single “right” anointment for my build but I have noticed something off about dedicated drops

We have to farm for everything again every time a new DLC comes out. The low drop rates get old fast. I spend more time farming than actually enjoying the game. Plus, we not only have to fight the RNG of the drops, we have to fight the RNG of the anointment. People are selling god roll gear on eBay because of this.

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i cant complain that much because farming IS the fun for me xD
but when its so unrewarding, it really doesnt do it

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I enjoy farming but I also want to use the loot I farm for outside of farming like just going to lectra city and kill things

i would like to go to lectra city and get some re-chargers from urist xD

Ugh I tried that ages ago had better luck farming graveward lol

yea, dedicated drops on fleek^^

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