I would like to petition for a LOCAL coop for BL3

It sucks not having it on the PC, Gearbox PLEASE put it in the next game!!

Thank you!

It’s really not as simple as, “let us do it c’mon”

There’s already options for local co-op for BL2. For example: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2943265

The issue is that to do splitscreen it literally has to double your game, which is double the load on your PC. Which means that’s not at all an option on lower end PCs.

My PC would probably not run splitscreen if it was an option.

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There are other games that allow splitscreen without doubling the game though. On the consoles they don’t have to double run the game in order to run split. So why would PC be the same way.

And I am actually using nucleuscoop to achieve it with the other 2 games, but it can be a hassle, I would rather have something that natively did it.

I completely agree

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