I would like to Upload Path to Victory but i need opinions on this

I need to know if i need permission from Mololu who created this mod from hw 2 or not, because its a great mod that belongs here on steam for players to download and try out. So i was wondering if an admin would be willing to answer this question because Mololu has not logged onto Moddb in over a month as of now.

I don’t think you should upload anything without explicit permission from a creator.It’s very good that you checked.

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Path to Victory was a wonderful mod, I hope that Mololu peeks in! You could try posting on the old Tanis Shipyards as well, but I don’t think many still haunt there.


He hasn’t logged into the relic forums since may -(

  • It wouldn’t be the first case, old versions of PDS were uploaded on Steam by a random fan.
  • Mololu is no longer active.
  • PtV development officialy ended on 7th of june 2012.

I’m generaly very much against it. But Mololu is a very generous guy, he always shared his ships and codes. Honestly I don’t think he would mind a Steam upload of his work. Give him all the credit if you do that.

But first, have you tried to contact him or IPS?

I sent him a pm a day or two ago and took a look at his moddb account he has been inactive for over 2 months now.

An e-mail would be better, in this cases even Google could help a lot, I have had to do the same in the past, eventually you find them unless they are dead, which I’ve seen cases.

Does anyone has his e-mail? Does anyone has any other mean of contacting him?
He’s from Switzerland, he’s into coding and he tried to write a story at one point. That lead me to some of his alternative profiles on some coding and writing site. But I haven’t found any additional information.
There’s user MoLoLu on Steam. It might be him, I think he used caps for M and Ls. But it’s a private profile, so all I see is a nickaname.
IPS might know, but he’s under the radar too.

Also if I die you can have my stuff.

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Try PMing a variety of his old accounts, one or more may be set up to email alert him.