I would love to see Battleborn Bishoujo Statues

In case you don’t know, Bishoujo statues are pretty decorative art pieces absolutly gorgeous when crafted by the right hands (company). There are tons of franchises making profit of it and I can’t see why Battleborn isn’t one of them.

I mean, the battleborn art style can’t get any more compatible than it already is.

What are the odds of this dream come through?

Devs,@JoeKGBX @Jythri, community managers, please lets make it work! Should I start a petition?

I know there’s a lot of intricacies into that and its pretty much 2k’s field, but dudes and gals, I would pay the hell out of it!

Who is with me?


I’m crying what is this
can someone help this girl :joy: :joy: :joy:

But yeah BB statues would be cool. If I could afford it… And if their spines were intact.


That’s how she kills her enemies. She twists herself into terrifying shapes until the enemy runs away in fear, and that’s when she twists their neck using her feet.

This idea could be interesting. The website just seems a little…fanservicey? For battleborn


I own these and would love to see some BB ones. I think BB would work great with Funko Pops because of the cartoony nature of the game and GBX has an existing relationship with them.





I would love Battleborn figures, but not this style. Pop Vinyls I find to be generally pretty poor quality, but they’re affordable (which is why I have the Borderlands ones…they’re more defensible than the busts or that $300 Moxxi statue).

If I had my dream, they’d be done as one of those Metals Die Cast figures or by that company Loot Crate works with all the time.

But I’ll settle for another 15 of those Battleborn character pins. Please complete the whole character set! (And yes, I know this is the third time I’ve asked for this).


Do you know what else would be neat? Battleborn heroclix figures.

Highly collectible, playable and cheap (0,99USD average)

To be honest, I just want something palpable to buy and display at home or office

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I wouldn’t mind Funko or Bisho.

i got a little miko figurine when i bought battleborn for the ps4. i think they have ones for montana, rath and orendi.

I’ve only seen the Miko and Thorn ones. The Thorn is golden and I’m very sad it wasn’t available for me :joy:

i know i wish mine was ANYONE but miko

Well, the Miko is the best looking one I’d say. But the Thorn was is just so funny.

I have a Thorn figurine thing. Very poor quality sadly. Poor enough that it went back into the box and me wishing it would’ve been Orendi instead.

i only dont want miko because hes one of my least favorite characters to play. I HATE HIM!

I have the Rath one and it’s actually pretty cool (am I right?) IT sits on our mantlepiece fighting off a horde of tiny doglike demon-faced Japanese figurines… will take photos upon request haha


I’d just love to add some more figures to my battleborn merch collection :smiley:


Ooh I love those glasses.


Battleborn Shot Glasses? :grin:

Also, I’d like to see some Battleborn magnets too. I’ve been needing magnets for my fridge for over half a year now. Help me out 2k :weary:


yesss, they’re so awesome xD

This is a request for a photo