I would pay money to have TPS classes in BL2

Same engine, etc. The only tricky one would be The Baroness unless they also brought over cryo element.

But seriously, change the names/back stories or whatever, but I would pay for those interesting classes to be playable in the wealth of BL2 content. Lore be damned. (Or change the names ).

That is some DLC I would love to see.

There would be some issues, as the characters in TPS are balanced for TPS balance, which is easier and more balanced than BL 2 balance.

Wilhelm vs Wilhelm would be funny though.

Or Nisha vs Nisha.

I would like to see them release something like a non-canon character dlc. How cool would it be to play as Mr. Torgue or Ellie even though they aren’t vault hunters and don’t actually play that role in the story.

Cue MGS time paradox screen.

Guaranteed sale, right here… I’m a little ashamed to admit how much I might pay for something like this. :grimacing:

A friend of ours really, really wants to play Gaige in TPS. I think he just misses the screaming. :wink:

I would pay for this as well. Will never happen. Not in a million years. But I would buy it if it did.

Maybe those of you in the PC community could make it as a mod or something.

I wonder what else you could pay with instead of money…

Does someone know if Gearbox accept fangs and beaver fur ?

I would personaly prefer brand new characters instead of recycling TPS ones.

would be really interesting if only to test the TPS characters, which some claim to be even more OP than BL2 characters, against BL2’s numerous raid bosses

Meh. BL2 classes are SO MUCH BETTER.

I want to see THIS guy in Pandora.

Brick but with blonde hair?

Chris Evans.