I would sell a kidney for native steam controller support

This game works so well with the steam controller already, I’d love if you guys could implement it. I’ve heard Valve has made it super easy to do it, please gbx?

I´m not a 100% sure, but I feel like I red some posts with people playing with controllers on PC (could´ve been XB-controllers though).

Nyahhh I bet the Devs love this, but so far everything they loved but could not implement was really not possible (like SplitScreen on PC, because Valve-problems) - I hope the very best for you PC-gamers though, I can´t even imagine to play BB with mouse&keyboard.

i dont think its legal to sell organ parts :X

On the subject how do Haptic feedback controllers work for shooters? Ive heard “trash” so im genuinly curious…and IF they indeed have good accuracy why in the h*** hasnt anyone designed one for PS/XB??

I use my Steam Controller for all games pretty much now. Once you get used to the gyro and all the sliders, it’s super easy to tailor to your playstyle over a M+KB. Trigger responsiveness, gyro dampening, even the pads. All used together works really, really well for shooters.

As an edit: ofc the Steam Controller works with it, but when native is implemented, it becomes super super easy to set up.