I7 7700 Gtx 1070 16GB ram - 12 fps in game


This is not good. My pc can handle stuff, but not battleborn. Getting 12 fps in game all the time. Others games are fine.

I have liquid cooling so heat is not a problem.

Running windows 10 x64 creators update.

1920 x 1080p 60hz

I should be able to play all details in high, any solutions for that ?

thats strange, when i used to play battleborn on pc i had no problems and i have the same graphics card. im pretty sure i was able to run it on max everything at 60 fps. i feel sorry for you bud :frowning:

Try to lower the particle effects. Sometimes changing the resolution back and forth “magically” fixes the bad fps.

I let the texture on high on most of the things low or disable, still same problem…

It does not make any sense

Is battleborn known for memory leak issues? it might be a memory leak eating up all your ram but idk why it didnt happen to me…

No memory leak. It is fine…

Considering the possibility to unistall and reinstall the game…

I know a friend of mine couldn’t play BB on his pc, even though it runs games like ARK fantastically, and even OW. I think that BB does have Memory leak issues, and I feel bad for you.

Just another reason why BB has a small playerbase :frowning:.

Do you consider like lowering details, turinig off something aso?
Also: Tt’s good to have newest GPU drivers.

You might drop our support team a line via http://support.gearboxsoftware.com. They’ll probably be able to help you out.

I left a ticket there. Also, I notice that when playing battleborn my GPU load does not pass 20% and CPU load is around 30%, so I belive that may be the problem, but I don´t know what is causing it. Other games use more GPU e CPU.

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Had the problem too on my AMD R9 270x - had bad framerate on many maps while CPU and GPU usage was abnormally low. With the Winter Update it got significantly better (mind: everything on low), yet so called 2K Support wasn’t able to help my issue at all. All they were able was to “strongly imply” I had a memory leaks - cuz some log noted so (no, they were not dug deeper) and promissing to sent this to devs (which i can do myself, on forums).
So, I wouldn’t count on their help. I’d start with driver update and some graphic settings / nVidia panel tweaks.

After more than 10 days fighting with the problem, things are looking better. I enabled Intel Speed Shift on the BIOS, giving the cpu a better ramp on clock and taking the cpu control off the OS a bit, and one person from another forum in another game suggested me to unistall all gigabyte apps from my pc (my mobo is gigabyte and gpu also). So I uninstalled something called EasyTuningEngine, gigabytes app that runs in the background to set everything from fans, to termal state, OC and so on. Now I Get, all stuff on max about 200 fps in game.

Thanks everyone who replied here, I took all your advices and they helped my to test and find out that at the end, the problem was an manufacturer app.

So, to anyone who has a probem in Win 10 with a Gigabyte mobo, that is the thing. Take all their apps out of your OS.

See you people in the game !