IB and it's synergy with COM modifiers

I know the answer to this is scattered and buried in dozens of posts but can we centralize here exactly which COM modifiers (Splash Damage, Weapon Damage, etc) have synergy while in Iron Bear? I’m fairly certain Splash Damage does but what about % Damage Reduction or Shield Recharge Delay? I’m sure there are others…

COM rolls that effect IB:

Splash damage
Splash radius
Max health (IB’s health is calculated off of Moze’s health)
CDR (obv)
Action skill damage
Damage reduction
Elemental resist (I totally forgot you could even roll that on a COM)


The rule is it doesn’t unless its applied to the character rather than gear.

How about Weapon Crit Damage?

Nope. Hardpoints do not count as weapons.

What about grenade damage when using Mind Sweeper?

It works, but that’s minesweeper not iron bear

How does Action Skill Damage affect IB?

It’s at the same spot in the formula as desperate measures SSB and SRPMs

Your article says TYPE B Dave only works with left hand. Does this mean a right hand Sabot or rocket pod does not benefit from AOE or Splash Dmg increases from gear?

Type b is just drowning in brass and phalanx doctrine everything else works properly

Oh I see, ty

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With a Blast Master COM while in IB, what constitutes a “reload” that would reset the splash bonus?

Nothing does, so no worries there.

Firing the weapons doesnt even reset green monster’s hidden splash damage bonus either.


Was going to make a thread of my own but adding the question here instead. How is the armor of IB calculated exactly? I know it’s based off Moze health but is there something else?

Reason I ask is I was watching a video of a build and the Moze in the video had about 15K health which translated to like 860k armor in IB. However, I am within 300 health of that on my Moze and my IB armor is 150k less which makes me wonder where that discrepancy could be?

Moxsy health = 15,760
Moxsy IB armor = 889,080

My health = 15,492
My IB armor = 709,489

If I use the math from Moxsy’s health to armor conversion and apply it to my health I should have about 860k so where is that discrepancy coming from?

Shield, artefact and COM health boosts all add to IB´s armor too. Moxsy probably used something like a mendels multivitamin.

Right but those all just add to health so the conversion is still based off health. He was demonstrating the Mendel’s and showed the armor difference with and without it. When he had it off his health is what I listed. When he had it on it was over a million armor. So there must be something other than health affecting the amount of armor?

To illustrate the point just divide his armor by his health and you get the amount of armor per health. Then multiply that by my health and it’s 873,961…much higher conversion than what I’m getting.

Duk, do you know what iron bears damage scaling in the mayhem modes?

Really?!?! 3,000% more damage!