IB and Pets are hitting very strong (Do not nerf)

Yes finally Fl4ks pets are viable and Iron Bear hits very hard!

Therefore, I want to give shout out to the devs!

The work you have put into the Mayhem scaling seems to work.
Now do not touch any dmg values!

I would appreciate it more if you raise the health shield and what not of enemies instead of having something working being nerfed again, what makes for a risk to make it unusable again.
And we know that once they have touched on something they rarely go back at least that’s my experience with Fl4k, Ironbear and BL3 in general.

There is no need for this balancing non sense.
Get your performance and stability right now.
Do stuffs for weapons. And do not take away from our enjoyment to finally having pets, IB, Clone do something.


I refuse to agree before clone is fixed! Oir augments are still mostly trash at least boomsday and drone mini are serviceable but holly ■■■■ clone barely got adjusted


Wasn’t this addressed yesterday later on in a hotfix that was pushed out late?

No sir trust people who play double barrel badass clone with multitap does less dmg than raw drone xd clone augments saw an increase but not to viable level. As to clone dmg itseld check zane sub thread where we have a topic clone weapon tier list or you can check thiccfilas vid on YouTube discusing as buffs.

Just an hour ago i was messin with clone and drone far outclassed it while clone actually requires investment into it and rewarding i with jacksquat

IB alright damage problem is you one shot yourself out of IB all the time.


Like dafq why?

When will people learn you don’t tell them " don’t nerf " because all they hear is nerf . You don’t talk about op gear you don’t talk about glitches that give excessive rewards so stop talking ! ( just playing )


Well i open up this conversation to be this a conversation.

There is quite a high probability they will want to nerf it. Tons of youtubers already said that.
So instead of giving anything a nerf, my idea was to set back the hp shield and armor values as they were when 2.0 was launching.

How about they stop nerfing and just adjust around it. Nerfing is what got us in this mess in the first place. Remember when they nerfed Jakobs at start,… now they buffed it again.

It has been said many times, nerfs are typically what cause the balance adjustments to be out of wack when they haven’t even finished balancing the rest.

Should only adjust once final product is done.


Thats what im talking about but man…

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Yep, my FL4K pet does seem to dish it out much better with my radiation build than prior to this download.

Now, what the title should have been and the text should have reflected was that our pets were about at the same level as before, but that’s ok because everything looks pretty. We need reverse psychology here. Right now they’ll read your post and say, “ut oh, we made pets too strong, must nerf”. All I know is not I need to get as much playing time in as possible before the “you know what” begins.

You know what I’d like to say to content creators who bitch and moan minutes after a game or DLC launches, complaining about things being too easy, gear being OP, what I’d love to say to them I can’t because I’ll get banned from using the forum.

This is a vicious cycle that somehow game companies don’t see themselves in. If you actually test content before releasing it to the masses then we wouldn’t have half of the rush nerf’s and/or changes that we do.

Content creators make up the minority of players so game companies need to quit treating them like gods and listen to those of us that for once, just for a little while, want to actually feel powerful. Can we get that for at least maybe a week?!


What builds are people using? Cuz I’m not one-shotting anything with Moze. I am however doing good viable damage and having fun with her for the first time in ages. No Nerf necessary. She does good damage and I still end up either killing IB by accident, or some random enemy will run into me.

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No, the Iron Bear damage is absolutely OK. I’d say it’s on the level I was used to while leveling Moze without Mayham. It can stay this way. I mean, if I invest most of my skill points into Iron Bear and gimp myself without it, I can expect it do deal some damage.

I’ve heard bad things about Zane’s clone, though. He seems to scale very poorly. Damage is increased but still not nearly enough to justify speccing deep down to Double Barrel.

A week but no longer.
See I’m with you, totally understand your few and actually i was talking about it several times here on the platform that there is a need for Public Test Servers.
Cause Content Creators need to have a good relationship with Companies they will never speak up openly about issues.

This cannot happen on Public Test Servers, data is what it is neutral and issues are issues. Bugs get addressed by the community, they do it already on the very first day after content releases.

So why don’t use these people to benefit the game.

Well anyways as it seems this topic already reached Randy the man himself.
He replied on Twitter that it would be a possibility to do so, if we really want it.

I say hell yes lets get them to do it!

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So the badasses my Moze was shooting at in IB on M10 and maybe got their shields to 95% before IB was annihilated is good damage?

Jumped out and wasted the badass with a 57 OPQ after IB was left a burning wreck.

IB is absolute and utter trash and needs major buffs.

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Can someone explain why Ib lasers were doing around millions of damage and two shotting m10 badasses in slaughter shaft and then when I levelled up from lv57 the damage went back to mediocre?( around 100k) same play session no exiting no change of gear. The more I play this update the less sense it makes

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The action skills scale based off of Mayhem. It applies a multiplier to increase your damage based on the level you’re on. For mayhem 10 IB is doing 30x damage in comparison to M0. Action skills are actually way better at high level than low now.

Also, hotfix. The IB changes were hotfixed in a bit later yesterday. Make sure they’re applied.

Also, of you pick Dakka Bear for some reason iron bear’s damage stops scaling, so beware of that.


I just saw a note on Twitter that they pushed a fix to Dakka Bear and Clone damage about an hour ago