IB Bear Fist build help?

What are the most ideal rolls for this kind of build? I have action skill damage on a Raging Bear com, not sure if I can roll splash and action skill damage at the same time. Idk if area of effect damage on relics affect IB or if the pearl affects it either. Any hidden interactions between some gear? Does bear fists benefit from melee? DOes this mean more damage if they’re frozen?

It does roll at the same time, i got one. Splash and aoe work on ib.

I believe every combination is possible. I have splash and skill damage on my mind sweeper mod

The best (and probably) only way to get the most damage out of Iron Bear’s fists is getting a Raging Bear class mod with Action Skill Damage and most/all points in Stainless Steel Bear (as it’s the only Raging Bear perk that increases the general damage of Iron Bear [4% per point] thus buffing his fists).

Other than that there’s no interactions that I know of. Melee damage doesn’t affect Iron Bear’s fists as far as I know.

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Try the new com.

Nah that’s a bad idea


Actually nvm, it depends, however raging bear is superior for mobbing, but as for straight up bossing, flare should win but there’s not enough damage in straight up firsting in the first place. I tried fisting the final DLC boss, and it did not work well, but maybe the flare will succeed, who knows

I haven’t used the new com, but appears to be +100 damage, and not splash specific, making it useful for the chain and shock hammer. Seems like the best option if not using wild swing.

I briefly tested the new com yesterday and found the damage to decrease pretty rapidly making it feel weaker than Raging Bear which reaches its maximum damage output quickly while providing lots of fuel efficiency.

That’s a shame.

That’s why it’s a bossing com, but honestly don’t know if bear fists can get to rail gun levels of killing considering bear fists don’t crit. It benefits from splash and has elements but that’s it.

I find the Flare com to be effective above 50% fuel. It kills mobs faster than Raging Bear. The question really is how many and how long/large is the area.

If it’s MTD bridge, the Raging Bear feels more economical if you wanna do all in Bear but if it’s hybrid, Flare does it better.

But honestly IB is OP nowadays so any of these coms with decent rolls can do the job. I still feel Flare has that burst edge.

I’d do something like this for a fist build. Use Wild Swings for your hardpoint and spend as much time out of IB in the turret as you can. This ensure that enemies come right up on Auto Bear and that IB’s cooldown is boosted by Topped-Off.

As for gear, use a urad-anointed Unforgiven (to hold while you’re in the gunner’s nest), Plus Ultra shield, Deathless relic and whatever splash guns you’re comfortable with. I’d recommend using the Flare over the Raging Bear COM because fists are best for inflicting burst damage.

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So I did a Maliwan TTD using my Flare Bear hybrid build, but with Bear Fists. It was tricky, but I got it done.

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