IB Hard point Combinations

Since IB got fixed to match the mayhem levels, what weapons are you using for IB? I’m floating back and forth between explosive miniguns, dual nukes, dual exploding corrosive railgun shots, and one nuke and one chain lightning railgun.

target softening and nuke
heals my bear, buffs us both and clears the trash


I’m about to re-spec one of my Gunners so she can pair Close The Distance with Salamander (so I can yoink enemies into nozzle range).

My other Gunner has been playing with the V-35 with Shaped Charge (because those are fun to nail with direct hits) and the Vanquisher with Active Tracking (for squirrely and/or flying enemies).

Interesting :thinking:

Railguns…a combination of shock/fire for Maliwan & COV, Shock/Corrosion for guardians & robots.

Hitting headshot kills triggers Hollow Point…taking that massive crit damage (10-30mil) and spreading it over a large radius

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I’m awful to just run Cap Arm and Sabot 100% of the time lol

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I used to like Hammerdown Protocol on the right and Active Tracking on the left because it felt the most 'Mech-like. And because it could handle crowds and flyers. Now I just use double Hammerdown because a single stray rocket hits hard enough to pop my tank three times over.


Dual Vanquisher rocket pods, no augments. Dual Molten Roar Salamanders, if I’m feelin’ spicy.

Corrosive sabot with target softening.

Active trackers on my Mindsweeper Moze.

Explosive miniguns most times hit valks with shock railguns always paired

In a gunner only build I keep IB with vanquisher pods + nuke to have quick bursts of IB and clean big enemies.
In a hybrid build I alternate between pods + nuke and railguns

In my JoJoBear I am running close the distance + shockhammer or double shockhammer if no flying enemies are present.

For mobbing it doesn’t really matter right now because IB is strong enough for most anything right now, so whatever is fun for you. After they re-re-balance IB we’ll see. For bossing and takedown rails or standard rocket pods because they are still objectively the strongest. A case could be made for EX-miniguns but personally I hate the cool down mechanic.

It’s a little of a chore but the results are worth it. I’ve wanted Wotan with exploding bullets alone. It and the rocket pods are the most versatile arguably because there’s nothing resistant or immune to explosions.