IB: WTF is up with this?

So I have read about how IB sucks or is underpowered or clunky or has too long of a CD. I’m currently not even spec’d in a way to utilize IB and only use it as an OHSH!T button to regain control of a fight going bad so I can recharge my shields and/or finish off a low mob or boss.

So I don’t even use IB that much but even without using it much I keep having an issue where I try to use it and it fails with some message that it can’t complete the action. It seems that if you are standing on even the slightest uneven ground or near some object you are unable to get into IB.

I have died so many times because of this it’s just silly considering I don’t even use IB that much. Instead of actually getting into IB as I expect I end up standing there like a moron getting naded or molested by mobs. Is this a known issue? Am I doing something wrong? WTF is with this?

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For 1 point you can exit ib and it becomes a suicidal turret. Considering I take 5 pts in cd reduction (-5 sec /kill) by the time it starts shooting sometimes it’s already off cd. I use it for annoying mobs/bosses but it sucks.

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Thanks for the reply but not sure how that response has anything to do with my OP. lol. The issue is when I try to enter IB I frequently get a message that “there is no room” and it doesn’t do anything. Sometimes I might be near some plant or something and other times it appears to happen if I’m on uneven ground or something.

Not sure. Most of my Moze builds are based around Iron Bear cancel spam so I’m going in and out of it very frequently. I only have this issue when I’m too close to something that isn’t giving it enough room. I’ve developed the reaction when I hear the beep I just take a step into the open. The issue I do have on a regular basis is my game crashing when I exit Iron Bear and that makes me very sad.

Atleast it pops you out on the map. For me it tends to drop me below the map to inevitably respawn. Ive learned to use it a little more situationally because of that

not only on moze. but to all vault hunters as well.

Again. Dead because I can’t enter IB do to “not enough room” even though I’m not standing next to anything. I’m in an OPEN AREA. Such a f*!#ing annoying and pointless action skill.

You need some space yes, but it is not that hard to get a feeling for that.
I jump whenever i summon IB.

How do you get a feel for a bugged ass AS? I’m not standing next to anything and somehow there is no room?