IB's damage NEEDS to be a 'bit too powerful'

Iron Bear is as far as I know the only skill in Borderlands history that completely replaces Moze herself. IB has been trash for so long that people began to think that Iron Bear should do ‘decent damage at best’, but I think that is wrong.

Iron Bear has to be at least as strong as a well-geared Vault Hunter. Think of Action Skill’s purpose from the beginning. By using Action Skill, a VH can increase its overall ability. If IB’s damage is ‘decent’, it’s just never enough to match Moze running around without using IB for damaging. Moze needs to power up herself by using Iron Bear.

If IB was to do its purpose, it should be a mecha Hulk. A terrifying force that can crush waves of monster, not some bunker Moze can run into when her health is low. IB should have been like this from the beginning, and Moze players got this after FRIGGING TEN MONTHS.

Is IB a bit op and does it need nerfing? Maybe, maybe not. We still don’t know the potential of what other VHs can do with the new gears and build. Do we need to nerf IB’s damage? ABSOLUTELY NOT. If IB needs nerfing, it’s the fuel economy and cooldown rate(plus maybe Auto Bear damage, I don’t know how much damage Auto Bear does yet) that needs tweak. That way IB can be a monster that can be let loose for not too long, and Moze needs to power herself up just as much as other VHs in order to kill stuff and trigger Grizzly. That’s the true Moze that all players want. A soldier that kills stuff to access her best friend, the metal beast.


i am currently thinking about getting that debuff gun and just be iron bears support o.o
he is so strong wtf xD

I think this is the first time since launch that IB Nukes haven’t been a meme selection for me past normal.

The weapons do seem kiiiinda strong (oops, accidentally killed the boss/rare spawn), but my build also has a lot of IB buffs so maybe relatively intended? Been bouncing around in M8. Had issues with standard rocket pod self splash pretty much one shotting IB, but nukes don’t have that issue.


yea its funny
i just…i dont know how long i will be playing because everything dies :confused:
dunno what to do
farming doesnt really feel relevant when i can have iron bear up 24/7, killing everything on the screen xD

This is how a Giant Titan Robot works. It is a giant killing machine that supposed to be powerful.
We still need to endure the long cooldown of Iron Bear. (fuel consumption too)
So I think IronBear is still balanced.
Please don’t nerf it Gearbox.


That’s been why I started steering clear of melee and action skill builds in Borderlands. There’s nothing to really hunt for as there’s only a few gear pieces (that, half the time, are mostly fixed). At least IB has several armaments to play around with. Was reaaaallly apparent with Brick in BL1 and hasn’t really changed a ton over the years. Tiny bit of melee variation in three due to slam and artifacts.

I kind of like the long cooldown on IB as well, because I actually use my guns for more than three seconds if stuff is alive after it uses all its fuel.

Dunno about a long cooldowns xD
Using rocketeer, IB kills stuff while I try to kill stuff and when he’s down I can call him again xD

Yeah, I’m not even fully leveled yet, and with 5 points in Grizzled (a tier 1 skill!) you can have Iron Bear up fairly often.

Yes! No nerfs PLEASE :no_entry_sign:

Using the superheated Railgun, hitting crits, and the damage is NUTS…I’m talking millions…just how it should be…

Haven’t had this much fun with Iron Bear in a loooong time


I haven’t had this much fun in the game for along time :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Then we should all stop making post refered to any IB balance because after almost a year of BL3, finally we got the mech we deserve and add more builds to moze. We had a chance to enjoy a powerful IB before the M2.0 dissaster, and now we can enjoy it again. That said…dear GBX, don’t you dare touching our Big Old Bear!


You made a point. The only tweaks now should be on cooldown.

I agree, im not a moze player but an action skill should always make the player a bit more powerfull. At least when you spec in it.
Im very curious what’s possible with yesterday’s patch.

i am currently extremely pleased with iron bear’s output and i want to kiss gearbox on the lips for it.


Iron bear, as i entered the DLC, was extremely good for me. As in, oneshotting everything.
Thats because my build and gear gives me roughly 250% blast bonus, wich is insane (by the neew standards)

Im playing Mayhem 5 and oneshotting the first boss of the DLC with a single clip of rocket pods. WHICH pleases me greatly for farming him for new leggies.
I am a bit worried about if this power will hold until M10, im hoping so! If not oneshotting in M10, wich would be ridiculous, atleast make a fair fight.

That said, the best part of this:
IB is so good right now, i can spare most of the points i used to sink in explosive damage for him, and instead put em on skills i NEVER EVEN REACHED! Because he still kicks skag ass!

Im, i’d dare to say, way too pleased with this. I wouldnt mind a slight reduction of damage BUT, i still didnt try mayhem 10 so im not gonna say such a thing until i do.

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Even on M10, he wrecks everything. Tested with a Bloodletter build.
(I have Stainless Steel bear + specialist bear though)

Dear this thread:

Please see red text of ION CANNON for full description of how GBX will probably react to this situation.

All the Snarky Pessimists


POSSIBLE SPOILER: I think my favorite moment in this DLC was when I reached Quartermaster’s boss room with a Rocketeer build. IB just obliterated his mech and I just started laughing uncontrollably.


IB is stupid strong. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time now.
Maybe the cooldown is a bit fast but oh the carnage is awsome.


absolutely nobody should disagree with that but only a decked out iron bear should be like that

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