IB's damage NEEDS to be a 'bit too powerful'

Yep. But i prefer it that way than IB being useless.


Yeah, I agree with everyone else - IB feels amazing now. I especially love running Rocketeer in Slaughter Shaft. Place Auto Bear on the tall container in the top left of the map and then just run around supporting Auto Bear (picking off enemies he can’t reach, etc).


Quick question (i run a Bloodletter build) : do Phalanx Doctrine counts for IB’s damage ? While piloting it, i mean.

There are voice lines I’m hearing for the first time bc IB is finally killing stuff.


PD only effects the left hand hardpoint. It doesn’t effect Auto Bear.

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Does auto bear with rocketeer activate ASA anoints or nah?

No, your skill is technically on cooldown when Auto Bear is out.


I agree, when the base strength of a VH is supposed to be “100%” and an action skill is supposed to add “X” to that strength then an action skill which “replaces” the VH should have 100% + X.

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Just beat the Guardian Takedown solo with a full-on pilot build so yeah, Iron Bear’s definitely powerful enough now. Gearbox did well with this patch.

The only thing that’s screwed up though is Dakka Bear - DO NOT SPEC INTO IT! It’s massively bugged, as in crippling Bear’s DPS type of bugged. My best guess is that Dakka Bear somehow cancels the damage-scaling in Mayhem levels, at least for Bear’s hardpoints.


AFAIK, drowning in brass works with IB, not sure of PD

Lilith, Brick, and Krieg have entered the chat.


thats not actually true
these VH are still on foot, using shields and their own hp with all stats affecting them

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IB still has health that can be boosted, but that’s not the point. Those VH action skills removed the use of a gun.

it removes the use of a gun
but it doesnt remove the rest of their gear
so they are not “replaced”
only their weapons get replaced
but not the vaulthunter

That’s the same with IB though. Your artifact still works, certain shield effects apply, and obviously COM effects work. It’s not much different from any of those 3.

i would say it is but nvm
i dont fancy the concept for any VH so w/e i dont support this kind of character design in a looting game

Friday’s hotfix should be fixing this along with Zane’s clone.

Yeah it did fix the issue. I’m running Dakka Bear again in my Iron Bear build and everything’s fine.

I just had a lot of fun running through Athenas with dual Bear Fists w/ Wild Swing. Such is Bear’s strength now in M10 that you can one-punch trash mobs and beat Maliwan heavies to a pulp in just two or three hits. Even punched the dick off of Traunt several times!

Having said that, when it comes to bossing at least, the DPS doesn’t compare to more conventional hardpoints. Bear Fists are seemingly not boosted by melee damage yet they act like melee in their inability to land crit hits. Wild Swing inflicts splash damage so it works with Vampyr but at the same time, the splash can set off nearby barrels and destroy Iron Bear’s armour in one.

The lack of DPS and survivability with Bear Fists could be fixed by simply implementing melee damage in Bear’s damage formula and mechanics for synergy with gear such as artefacts with the Knife Drain prefix, White Elephant, Commander Planetoid or Unleash the Dragon.


Yeah, IB needed buffs but what he needed most was more synergy with Moze’s skills and gear.
(some people said Phalanx Doctrine only counts for one IB’s arm, I hope it will be fixed, and imo Scrappy should also work with IB, not only Moze)
But, hey, I’m not complaining, Moze and IB will be tweaked in future updates, as long as IB is powerful in M10 (with the right gear and skills at least) I’m fine with it.


No one will ever hear me complain about the latest developments with iron bear.

Been playing the game for almost a year.

In that entire timeframe I can only remember two times that I thought iron bear was pretty good and a fun play style.

One time was in normal mode play through first time in the game.

Second time was that very short two week time span right before Mayham 2.0 when the devs had spent literally four previous weeks tuning up iron bear all to have it mean nothing the second that content dropped.

Almost the entire rest of the time the action skill has been an annoying, slooooooow to proc and recover mess that all it is used for is to pop anoints and maybe escape.

I will take this new situation any day!

Please GB…do not screw this up!