Ice Breaker Fl4k ~ non GITM crit build

Can you farm bosses with this build too ? I love it for mobbing and slaughter, but didn’t seem to have found an efficient way to farm boss with it. Might be good for general boss but had a bit of difficulty on graveward. Thanks for the build tho it’s really nice!

This build works well for boss farming too. The meta changes a bit - You’ll want to spend the opening seconds gaining as many hunter skill stacks as possible, then unload with the ANNEXED LYUDA or HELLWALKER. I can post a few runs later tonight!

I see, thanks for the reply I still need to drop an annexed lyuda i just have a vicious one.

Here is the boss run, it cuts off near the end a bit but you’ll get the overall feel. 6M at 6:50!

Wondering about Unblinking Eye actually.
Is it even doing anything if the build is designed to oneshot enemies?
I don’t think I’ve seen it proc in neither of your videos…

UE is a bit of a stand-in for now. I’ve been testing out NOT MY CIRCUS and seeing some good results in slaughter/grounds. NMC won’t be at its most effective until we get a few more points to invest in the Master tree though, i.e. WHOS SAVING WHO. I can post a run later today!

The build has gone unscathed in this week’s hotfix!

they loosened the leash on LNT a bit which does make it more attractive. A 0.3sec cooldown makes room for some guns I’ve been eyeing. The FLAKKER would round out our crowd game pretty nicely (maybe in place of the HELLWALKER?), and a now functional LNT means less ammo competition. 5 per shot is steep… If you’d like to re-incorporate the skill in this build, I’d recommend balancing points between LNT and HUNTERS EYE.

Here’s a link to the fix!

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Thanks for the great build info. Been using this as my guideline and needed to come in and make sure to thank you.
I need to highlight how good a simple Blue Ice Breaker Artifact is with a Cryo Lucians Call…once the shields are down, the mob is frozen and they just melt…or whatever the frozen equivalent to melting is =) Shatter? whatever, they die fast!
I have had no luck with a legendary Ice Breaker Otto Idol but for now this blue is doing the job!

Thanks so much for this great build - I’m really enjoying it even with a suboptimal artifact. Anway, I have noticed that Fade Away ends very quickly and doesn’t appear to last for 15 seconds (I’m not using GITM). It comes off of cool down quickly (like, within a few seconds) and I’m able to manually proc it again but the cycle just repeats. Is this the intended operation with this build, a bug or am I missing something?

“special” crit spots have their own unique health bars but I don’t know if it’s measured by damage or amount of bullets hit

Thanks for the support! And yeah the ice breaker/lucians combo wrecks - the whole point of this build is reigning in the crowd control so Fl4k can take the fight to them and not get overwhelmed. Keep everything frozen and irradiated then hit them with that OPC! Good luck with that Otto Idol, it really boosts survivability!

That sounds like a bug! I’ve run into that occasionally if I respec my points a few times. Both the duration and cooldown can go out of whack. Also there could be some interaction between that and a M3 modifier? I’d try just dashing/save quitting out and respeccing

Even though I still haven’t found a Bounty Hunter so I can’t take on bosses at M3 I do love this build.

As I don’t have a BH yet I’m using GITM and the Hellwalker to take out minibosses.

For me Unblinking Eye is very valuable in situations where you only have high health enemies and have no overflow damage from previous enemies. Then UE is necessary to do some burst damage while being in Fade Away.

For bosses: It depends on your aiming skill in my opinion. If you can hit a crit spot with the three Fade Away shots fast, then stick to base FA. If not (like me) switch to GITM.

IMO the beauty of this build is, that it is very efficient for base FA and GITM! Without The Power Within you will do less burst damage during GITM, but thanks to Megavore you will be in GITM more frequently. Even if I would run GITM always, I wouldn’t respec!

You are right, ALL MY BFFS is surprisingly good. My pet is really tanky now!

I tested Hidden Mashine during Fade Away and it seems to be true: This skill is bugged and not working as intended. It doesn’t always proc during Fade Away.

As I love health regeneration, I am still running Self-Repairing System and the Spiderant for an additional 2.5 % health regeneration. I don’t like the monkey, as I have the feeling, that it doesn’t distract the enemies as the melee spiderant does. That is my current build:

Nice videos! I suggest, that you edit your first post and link the videos, so that new players have all information in one place.
And perhaps a small guide how to handle mayhem modifiers would be helpful. E.g. when I get the shotgun damage reduction, which also means a sniper rifle damage increase, I take a purple Jacob’s sniper rifle instead of the OPC.

I specifically tried to keep ease-of-transition in mind with this build! I know for me personally base FA didn’t look too appealing after being a face melting, auto-crit machine! But this build is fun, not OVERLY gear dependent, and provides a lot of the features that made pre-nerf GITM so broken and powerful. Not to mention the skill ceiling seems to be sky high! Precision, map awareness, and creativity on the fly makes Triple Crit of Destruction Fl4k a deadly force!

That Hellwalker-GITM combo is powerful, and its even better now with the reduced LNT cooldown. The double-tap feels great!

Good luck with the class mod too! The fun REALLY begins once you can start stacking hunter bonuses


At this point we know we definitely want this gun and we want it in CRYO!. but there are a few acceptable alternates incase of accessibility or Mayhem troubles…

1.) Crossroads - this little smg is nasty! It burst-fires like a Dahl and kicks out lots of pellets, fast. Things will get frozen, and you’ll get lots of Hunter/Head Count procs. may have to get up close though…

2.) Butcher - To be honest with you, this x3 pellet shotty may be a bit faster at grabbing hunter stacks than the LUCIANS! With LNT out of the doghouse this gun REALLY does whatever it wants in terms of effective mag size. Lock n’ Load, and embrace the RNG!

The money shot. Overkill and Hollow Point from the Enforcer Guardian tree interact with this guns ~40K base damage to stack power on kills to 500K or more. But should you have trouble getting it to drop or get hit with a shotgun nerf on M3:

1.) Purple rarity Jakob’s sniper - Good old fashioned sniper, high base damage and ricochet on kill effect. May not be as effective as the OPC, but you could still potentially rack up some Overkills, and higher zoom means you can stay further out of harm’s way.

2.) Monocle - Think inverse OPC. Typical Leg. Sniper but benefits from an inflated CRIT bonus. From what I’ve seen, This gun can get you very similar Overkill damage. Combat may be a bit more slow paced.

You should be grabbing these in single and double shot for every element like they’re going out of style just to cover all your bases. This is the definitive boss-killer right now for most classes/builds and Fl4k is no exception. I personally prefer the Annexed (x2) variant for the synergy with Head Count, but single shot has some of its bite back after the LNT cooldown reduction. On average, fire and normal are your best bet if you’re not much of a collector.

The build is pretty well rounded with the above mentioned weapons so the 4th slot is purely supplementary. But you know I’ve got some sweet recommendations for you:

1.) Hellwalker - LNT now allows a faster double-tap. Lots of pellets for Hunter procs!

2.) Flakker - Cuz ur Fl4k duh… Seriously though, riddles the screen with explosions. Great CC potential. Fire is good, Radiation is GOD.

3.) Bangstick - You know the drill. Coat baddies with stickys and let it rip!

4.) Dictator - So. Many. Bullets. This Vladof AR is a proc machine with respectable dps in secondary fire. You’ll lose mobility though so be careful!

5.) Bitch - If you’ve got a steady hand she’ll treat you good! This smg was actually my workhorse pre MH levels. Crits pay off very well and you may roll one with a reflect shield if you’re lucky.

Thanks - your suggestion worked! Appears to be working normally now.

No problem!