Ice Breaker Fl4k ~ non GITM crit build

Great guide and build.

Before my question I’d just like to suggest maybe updating the original post with the new skill point allocation to BFFs and any new things you changed in later posts because people might miss them. Also maybe adding sections talking about all the individual things like weapons-grenades-idols etc, like how you just posted the alternative weapons but all in the first couple posts so everyone can see. Maybe a quick section on pets, you mentioned you swap to the jabber, but at what gear point is that a better alternative to the spiderant?

Onto my quick question, I don’t have a cryo Lucian, so what order would you rate 4 burst Night Hawkin below (I believe at night it may be bugged and offer double damage), a fire Lucian and a fire Rowan’s.

Once again, great build and I look forward to playing around more with it.

Thanks for your support! I’ll definitely get to making more of this information accessible near the top of the thread.

For this build, I would rank those weapons:
1.) Fire Lucian’s - ammo return and sustained, high ROF make it key for building Hunter Skill stacks and reducing cooldown. You may suffer damage-wise though, as fire is subject to more penalties for mismatched element type.

2.) Night Hawkin - the DPS on this is great and I believe the “night mode” effect is intentional! With an Ice Breaker artifact it becomes even more potent. More useful for single target than CC.

3.) Fire Rowan’s - essentially same as Lucian’s but trades ROF for increased damage. Also sports a reduced mag size so there is less room for error when hitting crits.

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something to consider using in fade away:
~8k dmg + 65% crit dmg :crazy_face:
You got the time to position. The projectile travel time makes it situational tho.

How does the unforgiven compare to the OPC for this build?

Unforgiven is alright but It wont get you any significant Overflow damage. You could still hold on to it though and it will benefit from all the crit modifiers

Could this work it’s way into the build being annexed radiation? I don’t have a good grenade and thought maybe you could open a fight with this and then switch to Lucian.

Yeah you might be able to use that as a supplementary Rad. tool until you find some grenades

I had a big weekend of farming and managed to get myself a cryo Lucian, radiation hex (no recurring), and I’m going to borrow a radiation lyuda off my brother. So looking forward to trying this build out properly. Still lacking a one pump chump but have a decent monocle to substitute. I also upgraded my hellwalker to get the same anointment as the one you have, do you find that anointment useful?

One thing I just wanted to ask, maybe you can also add a little section on secondary stats on class mods and relics, maybe ranking the top 5 to 10 stats to look for. Is splash damage good with this build or does that only work with Torgue guns?

Edit: also, with regards to the class mods, what would be the optimal roll in terms of skills. Is frenzy much good compared to most dangerous game and hunters eye?

@Bushido_Brown404 have you tried GitM lately with LNT rolled back a little? Do you still find the non-GitM route more effective for damage? I’ve tried this build and I’m really liking the Cryo with the extra CC and its melts when they go frozen. Just wondering if the ol’ GitM + Hellwalker was viable with the .3 on LNT. Curious what your thoughts were?

GITM will always have its place for single target DPS burst damage which is great for bosses and pesky anointed. I like to think of this build as being ultimately a bit more adapted to survival and strategy.

With that said, there is a HUGE perk you’ll enjoy with base FA -> ON DEMAND ANOINTMENTS! the “Until You’re Dead” augment functions as an anointment all on its own, providing +25% movement speed and 3% hp/sec. The “Not My Circus” augment can pull aggro while you unload on distracted targets with a “+100% gun damage on Action Skill end” anonintment for example, Functionally GITM. Being able to proc these varied effects much faster is the end goal of this build.

LNT is definitely worth picking up again! The 0.3sec cooldown will have it actually proc a few times before you empty your mag. Torgue sticky spam is back, Lyudas can potentially refund half their rounds per clip, and the Hellwalker rewards steady timing:

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Hey thanks for giving the build a try and I hope you have fun with it! I’ll be getting more in depth with skills/secondary stats/anointments as time goes on so be sure to check up near the top of the thread for edits!

I’ve only ever seen the Hellwalker spawn with that elemental anointment but it seems to synergize well with the 10% elemental damage perk from the Scorcher Spiderant and can also prop up the elemental effects from your grenades. I recently included a few notable weapons you might consider swapping out for the Hellwalker if you’re looking for other effects though.

I got a hellwalker with the 125% damage to badass, named, and something else enemies, 2 days ago. But all my other ones(probably 20 of them) have the elemental anointmemt

Alright this is definitely something to look out for, there are a few anoinments that would do well paired with the Hellwalker’s high damage and pellet count!

Awesome, look forward to seeing them.

Maybe another thing to touch on is best anointments for the build.

Sorry for all the suggestions, just take what you find useful, I just really like this build idea and think it’s really fun to play and something the devs had in mind for Fl4k (not an automatic spamming GitM crit machine) so want to find as much I can about it and fine-tune it as best I can.

What are the odds?!


For the most part, this build definitely seems to fall in line with what the devs envisioned. I think any further changes to Fl4k will benefit this play style!

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