Ice Breaker Fl4k ~ non GITM crit build

When using base Fade Away, anointments become more readily accessible by quickly bursting through the first three shots. This will work very well with high ROF/pellet weapons.

For example, say you have a Lyuda with the “100% damage on action skill end” anointment. After triggering FA, you fire through the auto crits and FA ends, granting the damage bonus. The Lyuda’s high fire rate and bullet split mechanics greatly reduce the cooldown, possibly allowing you to proc the anointment again soon after (constant uptime may be possible). This tactic can allow base FA to potentially outdamage GITM over time.

But GitM generates more crits, reducing the cooldown even more, doesnt it?

Ugh I wish! One of my biggest gripes with Fl4k is that they can’t accrue any cooldown reduction while FA is active. Any Head Count procs are effectively wasted for the duration of the skill!

Is that really so? My cooldown with gitm seems so low I was thinking i was reducing it while critting during the skill
EDIT: actually in BL2 Im pretty sure it worked with salvador

Right! I believe the devs are trying to shy away from some of the crazy synergies Sal had in BL2. If you’re seeing slashed cooldowns, its definitely because you’re using great weapons for Head Count. Mayhem modifiers occasionally help too.

How much better is a recurring hex in radiation compared to cryo? With the icebreaker relic will it do respectable dps and also freeze things while critting for headcount still? I haven’t used a cryo hex so not sure how good it could be.

I’ve tried both. with a cryo hex you get a bit more CC, which can be good for mobs. But you’ll probably have to supplement some radiation or shock elsewhere in your build for shields, you may also miss out on a bit of extra damage through the combination frozen/irradiated de-buff

I guess I should have farmed a little more for that bounty hunter mod w the rare spawns. Not a big fan of farming tbh. I still dont have a hex and ive wanted a cryo lucians forever. My first hellwalker was a nice anointed version tho. I dunno, its more exciting to me to get the thing youve wanted as a random drop than to kill Graveward 100x.

Anyway if I ever spec out of Guerillas this looks like a nice version of the alt build I was thinking of. I have an Ice Breaker Otto Idol and just got a Rerouter recently, and I started using an amp shield anointed w CDR and fell in love w amp damage.

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I hear ya… farming can be a pain! I’m starting to prefer running slaughter for my legendaries.

This build kind of allows you to ease into it if you’re still partial to GITM. I’ve specifically tried to incorporate all the things that are great about the augment into a balanced load out. And it only gets better as you start to fine tune with anointments and gear perks. At this point, I couldn’t imagine parting with all the utility an extended FA provides!

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This build is really fun!

I switched from Rakks/The Power Inside to this and I have been enjoying it. Ducking out of fights every 5/6 seconds with FA, centering a build around One Pump and Hellwalker was something I wanted to do recently, and blindly spraying with a Call to reduce the FA cool down has been a blast. Speccing back into LNT after the buff/reverse nerf was my goal and this build did it for me.

Thanks for checking it out! I’m still working out some of the kinks but it’s great to see that people are enjoying the build. It’s only getting better!

One thing I thought of with the class mod. Not having Frenzy on it means it’s one less Hunter skill that will proc from the mod, so we should be able to get The Most Dangerous Game up quicker and get max stacks of Interplanetary Stalker quicker.

Not sure if it will have a big impact in gameplay but it might help just a little.

I believe Hunter Kill Skills proc independently of each other with the Bounty Hunter mod but I can check that again to make sure. Frenzy would still be a safe bet though because it’s just a plain Hunter Skill like FURIOUS ATTACK, it wouldn’t have to “compete” with the others for stacks.

Fair enough, I wasn’t sure how the skills worked with the mod.

Also, noticed in your latest build at the top you have put in Not My Circus instead of Unblinking Eye, have you noticed the difference of losing the bigger hits with UE?

This is a very potent and fun build to play. Using Cryo Lucian’s Call to slash the refresh timer while stacking hunter skill and CCing is an ingenious idea. Thank you so much Bushido!

I started M3 TVHM playthrough with this build 2 nights ago and it’s been a blast. Not only it’s so much fun and satisfying build to play, it has surprisingly high survivability as well.

When you play this build the right way, the damage you are dealing is insane also. Last night in Ambermire, during 1 fight, I killed 4 full health anointed with just 2 shots!!

Again, thank you Bushido!!


UE is a great augment overall, but it doesn’t synergize as well as it could with the build.

Ideally, we’re one-shotting with the OPC. If we lose our overkill chain because we don’t one-shot, or miss a shot during FA; the rotating crit modifier may not be enough to push our damage over the edge anyway with the remaining 1 or 2 shots.

At that point we may be better off using any remaining shots for the auto-crit utility. A burst from the Hellwalker could weaken the principle target and some of the surrounding mob. Ending FA with Torgue stickys to guarantee Head Count procs is another strong move!

Hi bushido, I’ve been farming gear for this build for 10 days now and am ready to get it going. I’m going to play offline because the recent nerfs were absurd. Could you please write a methodical paragraph or two as to how to actually PLAY the build? Such as “hose down mobs with Lucians, pop a grenade, etc…” I’m not real clear on how to make use of the Hollow Point skill or how to use this build in general but I really want to try it tonight and this weekend.

Thank you for giving the build a try! Most of the strategy elements and build gameplay vids are covered in the top 3 posts. There is definitely some room for every player to have their own “style” but I can recap my personal methods if it helps

First, I like to open with the Lucien’s Call. Usually I will target the healthiest enemy or maybe one with a shield so there is more time for potential bullet ricochet to other targets and more time to proc Hunter Kill Skills through the Bounty Hunter mod.

Next, I trigger FA throw at least one Hex grenade. The goal is to have enemies under dual de-buffs from the freeze and irradiated statuses.

Once I find a low-health enemy affected by dual buffs, I go for my first kill with the OPC, hopefully beginning an overkill chain. If all goes well the enemy drops and explodes and triggers 2 novas. 1 nova is from dying under irradiated status and spreads to nearby enemies (probably frozen in place near the first target). the 2nd is from the guardian hollowpoint skill that triggers upon killing an enemy with a crit shot. The bullet will also ricochet to another enemy/group and trigger the same effects if the target drops,

I repeat this process for the remaining 2 shots in FA. If I drop the overkill chain, I switch to a supplementary weapon like a Torgue shotgun or Hellwalker for burst damage from the remaining shots.

Depending on what’s left alive after that, I either restart the cycle, or keep using the OPC until my next FA trigger.

Awesome. Thank you very much for the build and your reply!! I forgot I’ll have to farm up a OPC tonight but I plan on playing a LOT this weekend. I’ll reply back in a few days with my impressions. Thanks again.

I am not sure whether Lucians Call is still the best gun for the time outside FA. After the recent nerf, my Lucians Call has 58 % Accuracy, which really hurts the crit stacking.

I will do more testing, but it seems to me, that the Night Hawkin (RoF 13 and 3 pellets!), the Butcher and the Dictator can burn the cooldown significantly faster. And all these weapons also do much more damage thsn the Lucians Call.