Ice Breaker Fl4k ~ non GITM crit build

I’m sure we’ll all look forward to your test results. I’m going to play offline for the foreseeable future because I simply won’t put up with these ridiculous nerfs.

UGG…almost every single item in my loadout…nerfed…

Sure glad I can only keep a very limited number of items in my bank cause it would be great if I had others to go try…oh no wait…I have nothing…

ARG…sorry just venting frustration

The butcher and night hawkin do very well for procs! I still think I would prefer to use them as supplementary weapons than as an outright replacement to the Lucian at this point. We are still receiving steady dps, and applying crowd control through the freeze status with this tool. I’ve yet to get on since the hotfix but I’d wager having 20% of our shots being guaranteed crits might help offset the accuracy as well. I’d say more of my concern is over the Lyuda… Fl4k is still technically the best with it, but a 25% damage reduction and 30% crit reduction have me wondering if it will be up to the task of raid bosses, or if we should be looking for some new synergy

Could an alternative version of Cryo Recurring Hex and fast Radiation gun instead of the Lucian be better? Or not enough frozen enemies?

“Cryo efficiency” is a function of enemy hp rather than simply applying a DOT effect. The build would have to center around a much heavier use of grenades to apply the actual frozen status. With neutered hexes, this would prove difficult. Manually applying the freeze through the Lucian also grants us the CC we enjoy through bullet ricochet, and we rarely have to reload due to the regen effect which gives us steady dps.

The irradiated status is much easier to apply on the fly. The hex grenade still does the best job in my opinion but you’re right in saying that a high ROF/pellet radiation weapon could also do the job! When not using the Hellwalker, I sub in a radiation butcher or torgue shotgun for that exact purpose.

Thanks for the reply, makes a lot of sense :+1:

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@Bushido_Brown404 haven’t been able to play for a few days. Did any of the recent nerfs hit this build much? Lucians may need a more steady aim but the damage didn’t drop from what I read. Is my new rad recurring hex now rip? Hope the build still strong, was fun as hell with OPC.

The build is mostly untouched! I’ve got a quick explanation up by the top of the thread. But for the most part, the functionality of the hex hasn’t changed. It hits enough times to guarantee the radiation status, and still procs HEAD COUNT Through MEGAVORE. The extra damage was nice but the rest of the build still seems to pull it’s weight.

Are you still going alright with the Lucian? I’m struggling a little with the nerf to accuracy and handling. Seem to find myself switching to other guns earlier. I really don’t understand why they nerfed it that hard in that department, there are a lot of Shotguns with better accuracy now.

Technically the lyuda is not at a 25% damage reduction because it wasnt supposed to have the 4th bullet in the first place. That’s not a nerf but a fix. The crit damage reduction is a nerf but its warranted because snipers recieved a 20-25% buff via one of the hotfixes. So it’s not really devastated at all

I find myself going away from cryo more often since the hotfix if the mayhem modifiers penalize elementals.

I use Jakob’s setup frequently now. I lose CC but I get a lot more killing power instead. Maggie is great now that they boosted its damage. Bekah and Maggie both synergize so well with Leave no Trace and Head Count.

In the last days I did a lot of Slaughter Shaft M3 sessions and here are my personal conclusions:

  1. I find Eager to Impress redundant. The majority of my cooldown is always burned with Head Count and the cooldown guardian perk. I prefer Self-Repairing System for +30 % health and 1.5 % health regeneration.

  2. The Re-Router is a nice shield, but for M3 Slaughter Shaft I need some serious defences. The Re-Router is depleted or half full in most cases and so it will not trigger the cooldown guardian perk. I prefer the Transformer, Stop-Gap or the Ward. The last one offers +25 % gun damage and 4 % health regeneration when depleted. Together with the spiderant and Self-Repairing System I have 6.5 % health regeneration (7.4 while moving) outside of Fade Away. The Brawler Ward also offers +300 % melee damage when depleted, which brings us to the next point.

  3. A Knife Drain artifact is a huge bonus to survivability. With 75 % melee life leach and the Brawler Ward you are almost invincible! Just keep slashing in critical situations and every hit will heal you from almost zero to full.
    And to make it better: The Face-Puncher shotgun counts as melee damage and will heal you with 75 % life leech! Better than Salvador in BL2.

  4. Lucians Call is still great. But if there are only a few enemies (so the ricochets won’t hit anything) or they are far away I prefer the Night Hawkin to burn the cooldown. After the nerf the effective range of Lucians Call is significantly reduced.

Thank you very much for writing this guide. In these days everybody creates YouTube videos and well written guides are becoming a rarity.

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I wouldn’t call it “devastated” by a long shot… but numbers are numbers. There was an extra pellet there before and now it isn’t. It’s a 25% decrease to the base damage - I’ll concede that the change is offset by the sniper crit buff, and Fl4k really seems to shine with the Lyuda anyway. Still a solid pick!

I’ve fiddled around with a few of these synergies, the ward is absolutely AMAZING for survivability. I’d agree it’s a reasonable sub for fast-paced slaughter runs. The ward-boosted knife drain is crazy efficient at restoring health. The “white elephant” prefix gives it some extra oomph too when paired up with the elemental bonus from the spiderant!

I find Eager to Impress to be a bit redundant up against HC too… but I’m still conditioned against max health increases after BL2’s health-gate meta so I’m a bit tentative about SRS. I’ll probably feel more comfortable speccing into it though as time goes on if GB handles the balancing well. That, and I notice Overclocked pushes the Lyuda’s ROF a little higher than I’d like, making it proc LNT less often and reduce the potential max mag size… so in the mean time the points are in ETI. I wouldn’t call it a total loss though, If I’m on a roll with the one pump the spare kills can burn some cooldown

And thanks for your support! It’s great being able to bounce ideas back and forth with the community. Much more helpful than YouTube personalities if you ask me…

In the case of multi-projectile weapons, all the damage will be crammed into the extra projectile.

You sure about this? I’m fairly certain Two Fang just adds an additional projectile much like Playing Dirty, which makes it great with single projectile weapons, not so great with shotties.

Yes, that is correct. So it makes almost no difference with high pellet count weapons.

I did some testing with Hidden Mashine:

If you know how, you can trigger it in most situations, sometimes you just have to wait a few seconds during Fade Away.
As Hidden Mashine is almost a damage multiplier (most of our other damage bonuses are in the other value set for the multiplication), I am trying around with it in my build.
This is my current build:

And I tried this one:

The 24 % multiplicative damage bonus is huge and really noticeable. However, in M3 Slaughter Shaft my pet is dying frequently now and I am missing the two points in Persistence Hunter.
Any ideas or suggestions?

Might be some bad intel on my part. I’ll check this again and edit, thank you!

It’s not bad intel. The skill is definitely bugged and requires effort to trigger it. Not sure, whether it is worth it. But 24 % multiplicative damage bonus is really strong…

I hear ya! I’m constantly eye-ing that HM bonus because we don’t get a whole bunch of multiplicative boosts elsewhere.

In terms of pet health, I’d say the best bet is going for as much health regen as possible. The Multivitamin shield grants 5% maxHP/sec while full. The Brawler Ward performs well at 2% maxHP/sec full and even better under pressure (4% maxHP/sec broken). Some of that trickle-down could be enough to keep the pet kicking.