Ice Breaker Fl4k ~ non GITM crit build

We have more than you’d think initially.

Interplanetary Stalker and Frenzy are both multiplicative. There are a few others as well. In case you haven’t seen Demonite’s video on the topic yet.

Yeah I managed to catch this video! I was aware of IP stalker but a lot of the others aren’t as accessible to this build. Pet Fl4ks don’t know how good they have it between frenzy and ER! It’s good to see the devs giving the pets and master tree some more love in general lately

This is my final build:

I have to revive my pet more often, but I think thats a fair tradeoff for 12 % multiplicative damage boost. The two points in Persistence Hunter are absolutely necessary for me. I need the 30 % extra duration for the perfect positioning and hunting.
Regarding the shield, I am using Band of Sitorak at the moment. Absolutely awesome with the Guardian perk for the cooldown reduction, because the shield recharges in 0.3 seconds and gives +25 % health and +22 % gun damage, + 10 % fire rate and + 10 % movement speed when depleted.
Either it is full, so it will trigger the Guardian perk for a super fast cooldown or it is empty and gives you these nice bonuses.

I’ve been hesitant to talk about this since it’s definitely not intended and has a good chance of being patched out but there’s always the option of going into the menu while your pet is in FFYL and selecting a different pet thus “reviving” them

I think frenzy is bugged. I’ve been running proving grounds and it works half the time

I assume all of the skills are bugged at this point, or at least the damage values. There is no transparency to see how much additional damage we actually get from the stats, other than taking the trees word for it.

I wish we had a practice dummy. But yes frenzy is bugged I did how many proving grounds and it seemed to work half the time

I just have to say, I love this build. I’m only up to my low 30s but I really appreciate the gear guide you posted before. I also love the play style— building up, then walloping, and switching to GITM for a boss if I need it.

So far I’ve actually found a ton of use from anointed (+50% dmg on action skill) 2x COV pistols — instead of using a sticky torque at the end of FA I switch to the pistol and the damage output seems incredible.

Should I be investing more in Leave No Trace and try a different strategy? Right now I seem to have found a sweet spot with high ROF maliwan or Dahl SMG, anointed COV pistol, purple Jakob’s sniper (for FA), and surprisingly the “melter” maliwan pistols seem to give me very large DPS.

Maybe it’s the Hollow Point that’s killing your pet?

My pet is pretty tanky, and I try not to shoot at the enemy my pet is attacking, but I still unintentionally kill her all the time with the Hollow Point explosion caused by the reflected bullets.

At least with this build we can revive the pet while invisible.

I managed to get my hands on the Sitorak shield and it is absolutely insane! I’ll be sure to add it to recommended gear up top. It’s like the Brawler Ward but the secondary rolls can benefit gunplay over melee. I also found a great synergy between that and the “its piss” grenade. you can get up close in stealth and nade the ground - dropping your shield and debuffing the target at the same time. I see it outdamage the amp in a few cases!

That looks like a solid base you’ve got going so far, and you’re taking advantage of anointed gear much faster than I did! You’ll see the best returns on LNT with splitting/multi-pellet weapons -> more pellets = less investment necessary in LNT. Any shotgun with a ROF above 3/sec can fire without reloading indefinitely if you’re lucky!

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What do you mean with ‘debuff baddies’? I have never heard of a radiation debuff before, just of the explosion effect. Is there more?

The radiation status makes enemies “more vulnerable”. I’m not sure of the extent though…


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I’m still farming gear for this build but had this beauty drop last night.

Real sweet anointment on that Lucian’s! Now you’ll be able to shred shields with it too!

I think I’ve seen a few anointments that let you build terror stacks on yourself without ghosts, could be powerful…

That’s what I thought also. I’m still farming for a Band of Sitorak and an Anointed Recurring Hex. Then I plan on going through TVHM with this build.

I have found another great shield for this build. I like it even more than the Band of Sitorak:
The Big-Boom-Blaster.

Mine has 4164 capacity, 1678 reload and 2.3 s delay. The delay is so short and the reload is so high, that it will work as good as the Band of Sitorak for the cooldown reduction with the guardian perk. But it has much more capacity. And it as an Amp-Shield with 20 % multiplicative damage bonus. And because of the short delay you can have the amp-damage for all three shots.
And it is a 60 % booster shield, which is huge since the latest hotfix, because these shields will now make you much more durable than the capacity indicates.

Cool build, btw where I find the god-butcher bounty hunter?