Ice Breaker Victory Rush: how does it work?

So the text on this artifact says:

Ice Breaker

+42% Damage against Frozen Targets, +55% Cryo Efficiency

I’m wondering how well this will interact with SNTL Cryo anoint. Is this a good pairing with a build that is primarily using this anoint? Also, can anyone explain how “Cryo Efficiency” works or what that means exactly? Does that just mean how fast it freezes the target or what?

It is probably one of the best for Zane with that type of build.
Cryo efficiency as far as I can tell is like adding that number to your total. Say the weapon you have is 68% then the annointment adds 100% then your artifact another 55%.
That is if it is additive. If it is multiplicitive then it’s all dependent on when it gets put into the formula.
Generally speaking it will make you freeze faster though.

Please feel free to correct me on this if you know different.

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The damage it offers will boost all damage you deal, even with non cryo guns when you attack a Frozen target.

As for the workings of Cryo you can look here [Guide] Elemental Damage explained


Is there any distinction between the cryo damage generated from the SNTL anointment and regular weapon cryo damage or are they functionally the same for all damage math? Also, is the +dmg against frozen targets the same as just more additive gun damage or is it multiplicative?

Sntl cryo is functionally the same as a non splash bullet for math purposes.

Its v2 damage, so a multiplier to Violent Momentum and the like.

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OK, well that makes sense then. I guess this artifact would work well with that SNTL Cryo anointment then. Thanks for the info. Now if I can just find the weapons I want with Radiation damage and the SNTL Cryo anointment I’m all set. Too bad I can never find them. lol.

Maybe you or someone can answer a semi-related Cryo question in relation to Snowdrift…

It says under “Imbue Slide with Cryo”:
Bonus damage - 83%

This bonus damage applies to what exactly? Is it just the snowball? Does it affect weapon damage or anything else?

The snowball damage.

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Keeping with the Cryo theme…is there any thoughts or tests done comparing Icebreaker (+dmg against frozen targets + cryo efficiency) vs. just straight up cryo damage? For instance the +cryo damage on this:

I don’t know how you would even test this unless you could just time kills to determine some average DPS number.

If u have the Guardian ranks. Snowdrift rocket boots is fun af!

Icebreaker launchpad rocket boots with frozen showshoe shield.

I havent explored stinger interactions yet.