Ice breaker victory rush trade

Hello all , I’m not 100% sure if this artifact is extremely rare or i just have ■■■■■■ RNG but ive been farming for an ice breaker victory rush for about 5 days now and i was hoping if anyone is willing to trade one? i have plenty of different artifacts to trade as well thank you.

Do you have a loaded dice with mag size and hp regen?

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No sorry, but i do have an fire stone dealthless with 40% mag size and +149 hp regen

I’ve got the perfect artifact for you. Do you have any annointed stop-gaps

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Hey sorry to get to you so late, unfortunately i dont have any, is there anything else you might want? i have so anointed guns ill have to go fishing through my bank to see through.

Also looking for a victory rush Artifact with pistol or SMG with magazine size

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none with those on them sorry

I have one, not the worst bonus stats

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That’s the one I have but it’s not victory rush

im looking for one with cryo efficiency too, guess i shouldve mentioned that in my first post sorry, i can still trade something for it though if i have it. What are you looking for?

man i wish i had something to trade that for because im looking for one with cryo efficiency doesn’t matter what the other bonus is. you sure you dont want any guns? i have an anointed maggie that deals 125% on Action skill end, an ION cannon that deals 50% bonus cyro damage on action skill end just to name a few ill also add pictures for proof

I’m good on guns, I’m more so needing specific shields and artifacts. But if you add me I’ll send you one, is it ok that it’s just an Otto and not victory rush

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Check here if you have any of the stuff I want artifacts at the bottom

Looks like the better one is gonna be sent to ya :+1:

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Send me an FR on psn Wiffo83


Yeah its fine if its not a victory rush, again i should’ve been more specific with the artifact as long as it is an ice breaker with cryo it’s good, but thank you man ill add you right away.

sure thing man :grinning:

cool ill go take a look and let you know thanks man

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Matt can I get that relic?