Ice breaker victory rush

I’m looking for an Ice Breaker Victory Rush relic. My gt is DeathlesShadow7. I have plenty to trade or dupe. Please help me out on this one.

Think I might actually have one I’ll check when I get home

I too am looking for these, trying to build a cryo Zane, will trade anything i have form my trade posts for these, And will even pay for the one anyone sends to elishi494

gt - xCaliburxxx

Thank you so much I will do anything for this relic. I too am trying to build a cryo zane and already have the god roll lucians call for the build. All I’m missing is the relic to round it out.

I have it! Just got home. Getting online now. Gt jackburtonKI309

I have an IB Victory rush, who needs one?

Looks for a Kybs and a redistributor if ya got it

GT: Raverzfantac

I got a rad redistributer with SNTNL anoint

I’ll trade you that for the ice breaker

I got you on the ice breaker victory rush, SMG, Cooldown, Cryo efficiency

If you want

I’ll take it

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I’ll send you the Redistributor’s too, sent them to your mailbox

Messaged you on xbox

I got a shock stone safeguard with 17% shotgun damage and 21% action skill cool down rate and 8% movement speed on it