Ice Cream Lady Moze [WIP Build]

Found a Blue TORGUE Ice Cream Flesh Gun and decided to make an Ice Cream Lady build for Moze.

What’s the goal? To suffocate Bandits in soft serve ice cream and hear the sweet splintering crack of their frozen bones.

(Kinda looks like a diseased johnson, but whatever!)

We’re trying to find a sweet spot where firing the gun and ammo regen work juuuust well enough to keep the magazine low, to get Click, Click’s damage boost. There’s probably nothing groundbreaking here, I just wanted to use the flesh gun as long as possible, and stay alive long enough to have some fun.

I’m asking for suggestions on how I can get the most out of this gun. So far it does okay in Proving Grounds, MM3, etc. when the modifiers aren’t crippling it, but of course I still have to swap to Shock or Fire or whatever when shields and immunities pop up. You can’t be an “Ice Cream Lady” if you’re shooting lightning and fireballs!

(Maybe I can use Radiation and Corrosive to flavor the ice cream? Maybe use ALL the elements and go full blown Rainbow Raspado Lady?)

For survivability we can go straight to:

Shield of Retribution Skills


•Armored Infantry
Permanent boosts to damage reduction and gun damage since your Shield is always up.

•Thin Red Line
Lower HP and higher Shield. I’m at 1HP, and while I read horror stories about enemies one-shotting you through the shield, I haven’t run into that…yet?

•Vladof Ingenuity
•More Shield and Shock resist.

•Behind the Iron Curtain
Better Shield Delay and Recharge Rate. Might not need it if you’re using gear that drops Shield Boosters, etc.

•Desperate Measures
Permanent damage boost because of the low HP from Thin Red Line.

•Phalanx Doctrine
Killing something raises Shield and Gun damage.

The gun is kinda meh in MM3, so we pump it up as we can:

Bottomless Mags Skills


•Cloud of Lead
Every X shots don’t consume ammo. Bonus Incendiary damage.

•Matched Set
Bigger magazine and less heat per shot when using items from the same manufacturer. This is probably good for COV guns or SMGs, but I just fill it to get to the next tier skills.

Critical Hits trigger ammo regeneration.

Meh. Needed for next tier. (Might be useful in a Terror build?)

•Scorching RPMs
More Fire Rate and Critical Damage. Needed for next tier.

•Iron Bank
Magazine size boost.

•Click, Click
Bonus damage based on how empty the magazine is.

Constant ammo regen.

This is the gear I’m using to stay alive, everything else is whatever I want to use. Obviously it’s not amazing, but it gets the job done.

•I need to find gear that boosts Skills in a way that lets me get the Forge skill from Bottomless Mags. Maybe Cryo Efficiency to freeze mobs?

•The Spark Plug Artifact is great for busting shields, it can even melt mobs in MM2 if I keep planting the coils.

I found a different neat Class Mod-

+4 Scorching RPMs (+24% Fire Rate, +36% Crit Dmg)
+1 Redistribution (10% ammo regen every 3 seconds)

With a smaller magazine, the Fleshy Ice Spewer can get a higher bonus from ClickClick faster. The ammo regen now means I dont need Forge. Gotta find a balance to keep the mag low while regenerating.

I do notice an increase in killing power, but also got squishier. It’s not so bad if I quickly get a few trash kills though to juice up the Shield.

I’m also wondering if TORGUE stickies benefit from ClickClick. As in, do all the stickies benefit from the final shot’s damage bonus, or does each sticky have the bonus applied at the time it was shot.

Well it seems like you should definitely involve that grenade mod that looks like a piece of chocolate cake for this build.

Click click works by looking at how much ammo you have in the mag before firing divided by the full mag size. Basically if your mag has 4 shots in the mag and a full mag is 8. Then you get 4/8 x Click Click on your next shot.

You can calculate the Click Click boost with the following formula:

Click Click Bonus = Points in CC x 0.12 x ( 1 - (Bullets in Mag / Full Mag) )

So Click Click is a flat increase in relation to how empty the mag is.

I didn’t test swapping weapons for bullets in flight, so I don’t know if it would allow a similar interaction as crit swapping does.

However you definitely don’t gain benefit from just having other guns on low mag. The bonus is based purely around the gun you’re using.

Brilliant, finally an excuse to use that thing!

Thanks for clarifying bub, helps narrow down the kind of gear and strategy I could use.

Played a while just now and am liking the build. The regen is in a good spot where I can get the mag down to like 10 and it’ll hover in that range if I just keep firing at crit spots.

And of course it works with other weapons with big mags. I have a Hellshock with about a 40 round mag that wrecks, Lovemachine and the 100+ round mag wrecks, the Legion COV gun wrecksssssss yesssss lol. And this is with only 3 points in Click, Click.

Even if I get put into FFYL I can usually instantly revive.

Also, it’s hilarious throwing the cake at someone’s face and making them stumble :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried the Hangin’ Chadd with the click click build? I’ve been thinking on a build that boosts click click or focuses more on her fire based skills and I think it could be good. Because the hanging chadd can fire (almost) infinitely, and the cov buffs from the skill are for heat per shot, so in theory I think it could almost always benefit from click click. I still have a lot of experimenting to do (can’t wait for the test dummy). If/when I figure out a good build I’m gonna call it the Hangin’ Moze.

I’m sure Moze can swing towards Incendiary and do really well because of her skills; The Linoge I mentioned is Incendiary and seems similar to the Chad, for example, and it’s a monster with this build. But I want to focus on maximizing the fun with the fleshy TORGUE rifle I posted up there.

Definitely need a test dummmmyyy