Ice Creatures too tedious?


After playing through the Story Mode Missions multiple times with multiple Battleborn, I can say that one of the most frustrating enemies to fight are the Ice Creatures that appear in “The Algorithm” after defeating Geoff.

The only weakspot(I think) are the small, glowing dot on their chest; everything else on their body gives off “IMMUNE”.

I really wish instead of “IMMUNE”, a small amount of damage would be applied &/or decrease the creatures’ health. With other Battleborn on your side, it’s even more difficult to attack a single one(melee Battleborn can block off other Battleborn’s shots, ex. El Dragon)

What do you guys think?
(On a side note, do any of you think the Shock Turrets Geoff spawns with 5 Battleborn on his final Phase are too strong? I feel like Melee Battleborn are severely hindered by these things.)

Shock turrets are fine. Just need team to help kill them with you.

As for ice creatures…I agree. The weakspot is so tiny, and not only do melee get in the way, but if the thing keeps spinning around chasing someone you can land no hits. Very frustrating as Toby, since I want to sit as far back as possible.

Agree with the above, especially when playing solo!

The ice golems are not so bad if at least one Battleborn has a no-aim attack like Ambra, or the team as a whole is pretty competent. What often happens because this is open beta and many players are brand new or have minimal experience, is that only or or two teammates have any clue about how to kill them and the rest either do not contribute or make it even harder by spinning their chest weak spot away from the people doing damage.

I am not sure if it needs to be tweaked because within a short time after release most players should be relatively competent. I do agree they are frustrating in the meantime, though.

They are stupid tedious and I hate when that one person decides to draw their attention and face them away from the rest of the team…

I did recently notice that Ambra’s drain attack is fairly effective, as are the sunspot beams. When playing as Characters like Whisky Foxtrot the did seem to be a bit frustrating at times. I think most skills can get through and cause damage though.