Iceheart Mutation not working properly

So basically Kelvin’s Lvl 7 Helix Mutation says that “Killing or assisting against an enemy Battleborn increases Kelvin’s health regeneration rate.” by 150 Health Regeneration over 3 seconds, So I thought maybe this coupled with Oath of the Sustained would mean I would get assists because I healed said Battleborns when I’m damaging any enemy, sure I get the Health Regen when I kill a Battleborn but not when I get an assist on it, so I’m guessing this is a bug? or maybe it’s not supposed to worked that way? or maybe it only works on specific assist related kills? I don’t know, I didn’t know where to write or talk about this so I’m doing it here and tagging @Jythri on it, don’t know if they know about this or not but might as well let you guys know now before the winter update.

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