Icon for family upgrades?

Hello friends!

Does anyone know where the icon for the family-based upgrades is set?

Like for a research item that upgrades all frigates, where is the icon defined?

I found it once before, but I’ve been looking for a couple hours, and now I can’t find it. crud.


It should be in Data > Ship > Icons > ship icons.lua

The file that specifies family-wide research icons is:

There is a list under the ‘FamilyIcons = {’ entry.


ah cool - that was it!

That folder wasn’t even in the mod folder I’m working on. I was trying to doa search for ‘vgr_heavymiss’, and I was thinking that it had to be in there somewhere but I couldn’t find it because there are a bagagillion hits for it out of the missions.

Thanks man, you saved my bacon!

Happy to help.

You can create new icons for family-wide research.
Image references can be added to the shipicons.lua mentioned above without being linked to any existing ship or subsystem.
All you need to do is connect that reference with the desired family in research.lua.

I tested it using a new .dds file with all the Vaygr corvettes in one image and it worked perfectly.

Potentially you could create build families for research that only serve to unlock other units or upgrades and it can have a unique, distinct icon.

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