Icons under xp bar

Under the activity/xp bars there are several Icons
does anyone know of a guide that explains what these icons represent

They are the action skill perks and kill skills active at any time. The icons match those in the skill tree for the character you are playing.


thank you but I was wondering what each one represents I noticed that some of them stack
ok I reread and will check the icons against the skill tree icons many thanks

I wish the icons weren’t all blue. It would be nice if they were colored with their respective tree (green icons for green tree, red icons for red tree, etc).


Also there is a glitch where once the skills activate, they don’t “unactivate” from below the bar until you pause or go into the menu. So there is not good way to tell what skills actually are active unless you pause or go to the menu frequently.

And the skill icons in the tray below the XP bar don’t always match the icons in the skill tree. They normally do, but not always.

Those seem like minor issues when my main probelm is I can’t make out a single one of them unless my nose is < 12 inches from my 50 inch screen.


@VaultHunter101 I’m going to guess that, like me, you’re too old to be able to see things that small from that far away! :rofl: It gets worse for me every day LOL

But yeah, even on my 80’ TV, they are real small.