Мicro transactions? Rly, Gearbox/2K?

Wtf is that? And yeah, it cost 0.99$ for 230 platinum

Where do you see the cash for platinum? Can you post that too?

I just noticed this aswell, but I get an error when trying to click anything. Maybe microtransactions because the game’s going FTP (as whined about by many a Redditor)?

*Edited because I can’t spell.

You aren’t surprised are you? With any luck, nobody buys it. The funny part is it doesn’t even say how much it boosts.

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Its a sign that bb is going f2p.

its for the best, although I hope they allow those you bought the game to buy everything with either credits or cash. if it goes that far

If it’s going f2p, fine, but if not…

I think those who bought the game should have everything gameplay related unlocked and a few unique skins.This is not tf2 bb is still a pretty new game.

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And it’s gone

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What? Maybe it was accidentally leaked. But it’s too late know. We know the truth.


Very iffy on this.

If it becomes permanent, and/or Bb goes F2P i’m out of this game.


Dang not sure how I feel about this. They had better do something for the people who actually bought the game at retail. maybe a skin for each character that will never be released to the FTP players.


Yeah mine aren’t showing platinum options anymore.

Hmm… we will have to wait and see…

Micros are so common in games these days that this doesn’t surprise me.

I’m not sure I like people being able to artificially boost their exp. It doesn’t seem fair to those who worked hard to earn those titles.

It’s funny that it’s gone now. Someone screwed up and deployed to Production servers instead of test lol.

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This is ■■■■■■■■, I have very few complaints about the game but if I’m going to be at any sort of disadvantage, while still paying $75 for this game I lose all respect for Gearbox and no longer support them.

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Let’s just wait to see how things will play out. I’ll hold my rage till I have something tangible to aim my rage towards.

Make believe you saw nothing…


As said above,I’m all wtf like,but let’s see how they present it to us.
I would like them to not be long to present it though,they did leak something that needs clarifications.

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That’s weird maybe 2k is making them add micro transactions…it would suck but it happens with pretty much every game now as long as its not pay to win I dont care

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