I'd like the Barrier fixed

Namely, allow for the capstone skill to work with more shields, and have the barrier keep all bonuses when picked up in dome form. Having it sit stationary goes against Zanes normal speed gimmick.

Would make the new build I’m working on much better; really wanting the new com to be good, as I like the idea.


DD does not work with Faulty Star :frowning:

I’d like to correct my initial statement: I’d like the Barrier tree fixed in its entirety.

So many skills just plain suck, and you lose a lot of damage investing in it to reach skills that aren’t really worth it. CCC is cool, but you have to invest a lot of points that could easily give you a strong clone or more kill skills. DD doesn’t work with some shields, and even if it did, picking the barrier up negates any skill modifications tied to the barrier.

Futility Belt doesn’t work, the cryo nova is small, weak, and has an unnecessary cooldown. The health regen is abysmal for all relevant skills, the shield boost is negligible, and the ‘damage resistance’ skill is needlessly worded in such a way that it’s worse than it could be.
Hold up, this needs its own topic. brb.