I'd like to create my own Suicide Squad

Hello everyone, I just joined this forum and honestly it’s my first ever post on any game :grinning:. I’d like to create a team or just a pool of dedicated campaign players that would like to reach gold on all advanced hardcore missions and have the drive and patience to find all OP points in OPS. It’s just hard finding that right mix of players to actually have the drive to finish and collect all, or most, chests/bonus points for gold scores/ Max OP points. It seems like I’m always finishing with at least 3x more chests opened then my teammates and can still keep up with dmg and kills. More importantly though, I really want to get to 100 OP points! Can never seem to get 100 because 1) Some just aren’t interested in collecting max OPs. 2) Impatience 3) Not able to handle Aria
I’m experienced in all game modes as well and have been Lv100 since the beginning pretty much (tweaking for the 25 kill lores, which is now an unfair petty 5 kills -.-). I play on xbox and you can add me “TheSupa808” Just comment your username below so everyone can add each other. Sorry if this is already a thread I’m still new to this forum and forums in general. Thanks guys :v:

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I’m down to play if ya catch me online
Gamer tag is BackStabbath666


I think I played an operation with you the other day, and you’ve been sending me invites here and there. I’ve always been mid-game, or preparing for a game when you send them, though. Sorry about that! :sweat_smile:

I finally feel like I know the operation map a lot better, and all possible spawn locations for the ops points chests. I’d be glad to help you out there. Always down to make new friends that enjoy PvE.

I’m assuming you already know my gamertag. But if not, it’s the same as my username. :wink:

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Lol yes we did, I just re added you sorry I thought you weren’t interested cause I think I been sending an invite once a day for the past couple days but yes please add me. Lately I just been getting up to 99, I think it’s a curse haha

I’ll hop on with you tomorrow for story ops gotten 100 a few times now I’m pretty confident I know all locations, I’ve been meaning to grind for more skins/ command packs

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Been off from BB for a while but I am back so feel free to give me an add. (please send a message as well as my notifications of people adding me is bugged and I can’t tell when it happened)

GT: Plutonium Bug

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Definitely Interested. Add me if you want. GT sumtinelse111

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