I'd like to make a vid discussing gear that needs buffing. Can I get suggestions?

I’m working on two atm, as making the last one has reminded me that I enjoy it.
Anyway, if this is a bad idea, please let me know, but otherwise…

I’m planning to make a video going through a bunch of the gear (in varying levels of depth, as I can’t do Siren class mods) that is currently lackluster, crap, or simply needs tweaking.

I have a few things in mind, but if people like the idea, I would appreciate suggestions.

Of course, if someone else likes the idea, I reckon it’d be cool to hear their take on the matter.

I would 100% be interested in listening to someone’s thoughts on the subject of underwhelming gear

Alright, cool. I’ll prepare a list and post it here first.

Torgue Alien Barrel Assault Rifles (Purple Blister)
Tediore Guns (get rid of “rubberized” effect)
Purples in general
Base game legendaries such as
Destructo Spinner
Garcia’s fire rate bug
Chomper (come on, you buffed Teeth of Terra by the final patch)
Devastator (needs one more projectile and a base damage and mag bonus)
All Alien Barrel guns
Lead Sprinkler
Bekah (these two)
Baby Maker (are sacred and need base damage buffs)
Base Game Legendary

The Breeder just needs to spit out way more projectiles and it would at least be serviceable as a gimmick gun.
The Echo just needs a base damage increases.
The Magnificent needs more damage
Porta Pooper 5000 needs more damage or way more DoT damage. I’d prefer DoT damage to literally ■■■■ on my opponents.

And most Maliwan guns should get a slight increase in DoT damage anyway. The baseline is just too low.

the butcher. heck, buff all hyperion shotguns.

The Mutant. Horrible damage, bad recoil.
The Baby Maker. Reloading uses about 100 ammo, making the gun borderline useless.
The Scorpio. Bad damage and the little turrets get destroyed almost immediately.
All one-off legendaries need to get a proper drop source (that is, the Bekah, the Scoville and Ember’s Purge)
The Lyuda: Damage is still underwhelming.
The Operator: Just doesn’t work on high Mayhem.

@Hexxusz0r has a thread going you can research,…

The issue with this topic in general is that it is hard to talk about buffing weapons without talking about Mayhem scaling. Most weapons are usable in normal mode and TVHM. But the issue is that Gearbox has buffed weapons with Mayhem 10 in mind, but that makes them too strong on non-mayhem modes.

So really what they need to do is increase ONLY the Mayhem scaling on certain weapons so that they are more competitive at endgame. The problem is that you cannot do that on a blanket basis at this point, because they already have buffed/nerfed lots of weapons. So then you would have essentially one level of Mayhem scaling on legendaries and weapons that HAVE been buffed, and another level on all the other weapons that have NOT been buffed. Hopefully that makes sense?

I don’t know the answer, but I can see the problems. Maybe that makes what I have said not very productive. I have always heard, “don’t point out a problem unless you have a solution,” but in this case, I have absolutely no clue what they could do to fix the weapon scaling problems in this game - other than strip it all the way back to the studs and start over. And that includes the anointment system too.

A complete overhaul of the gear and anointment system in a year-old game is not feasible and will not happen, but IMO it is the only way to fix it.