I'd like to see an event pack

Kind of like headhunters pks from borderlands 2.

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I agree, as long as it’s free with the Season Pass

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Probably not gonna happen this season, but who knows, maybe they’ll do a season 2 for a change.

Nah, the season pass was for the 4 main dlcs. I’d be fine paying a couple bucks to permanently access the seasonal events, just like I did with the headhunter packs. They weren’t part of the season pass. Just make it a choice, you can pay money for them individually or as a set, to keep them active all of the time, or chose not to pay and only have access during the free event periods. I’d be down.


I don"t think it"ll happen,i can hope.I’d be willing to pay the same price as a dlc pk.May-be a little more.I’d be happy doesn’t take much.