I'd like to see more Atlas weapons

It’s a neat gimmick, would love to see it explored more. I have some ideas, for fun.

Maybe a launcher that shoots a big mine that lands on the ground and flies to enemies that approach?
How about a pistol that shoots mini rockets?
A laser AR would be great with the homing mechanic.
How about a laser AR that splits into multiple beams, hitting every enemy that gets hit with the tracker?
A launcher with reduced ammo consumption that shoots mini rockets would also be cool.
A pistol that shoots kunai? Could be given by Zer0, and have the kunai inflict a random element and a ‘0’ tag on the enemy.

Maybe a reverse Atlas gun that shoots Tracker bullets and smart grenades XD


Honestly I rarely use Atlas weapons on M4, I think they do need some better guns. I’m for it.

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Something that guarantees crits on every hit would be good.

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I really wanted to love Atlas weapons, and in story mode it was fairly easy. Any cost effective q system was a world beater.

In mayhem modes they just don’t seem to be able to keep up. I had some success pairing one with a banjo but when wearing the banjo I’m mobbing so there’s little need for the tracking so the Atlas gets swapped out for something that fires faster and hits harder.

A cost effective sniper would be interesting but in my experience sniper rifles are SO situational that it’d need to finish with a lead sprinkler/pimpernel spread or fire a pair of nukes before I’d try it.

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When I saw Atlas wasn’t returning with SMGs or even using elemental tech I knew we were in trouble. The Rebel Yell is pretty much useless, the Carrier only out-damages the Q-System when it drops with Zane’s new 100% Cryo Anointment or Fl4k’s improvec 115% Radiation with Gamma Burst active Anointment. The Linc is even weaker than their standard purple pistols, not even counting the ones that fire grenades instead of bullets.

Only the Legendary launchers are any good, and they still get outdone by the other Legendary launchers or just any Torgue purple launcher. Heck even the COV Shreddas and Chuckas can out-damage them in some situations.

I was even more disappointed because I was hoping we’d get some returning stuff from BL1 like the Chimera and Ajax’ Spear, which were both top gear back then. Heck, they missed out an opportunity to make another Tales call-back with the Atlas Silver SMG already.

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At least now we’re about to get the OPQ System. We still need more though.

I kind of wonder I’d they blew there load so to speak on the basic weapon functionality and now they have no clue what to do for legendary versions of these already very unique and interesting weapons.

Both Atlas and CoV have been getting a very short stick when it comes to legendary items. COV still doesn’t have a heavy weapon in the game and Atlas has what one legendary pistol and then like one other unique pistol.

In perspective think about how many Jakobs Sniper rifles there are. Think or how many Hyperion SMGs there are. The devs have really been favoring some brands and it feels a bit shameful to be honest.

Stock AX-88’s already do, my guy. So does the Peacemonger, in a way.

they added a dart weapon!
but its a hyperion and also a quest reward so…