I'd like to suggest some quality of life fixes

  1. Weapon swap
    Since we can’t remap to the BL2 format without losing a bunch of commands, I suggest that using Triangle/Y + d-pad should allow us to swap to that slot. Right now customized controls do not allow for combinations, and weapon swapping is a problem in matchmaking where the lag is bad enough that you can only swap one weapon at a time.
  2. More vehicle health.
    They’re weaker than players, making certain story missions a pain on mayhem difficulties.
  3. Disable/enable specific Guardian bonuses.
    Guardian ranks are a good idea, but I will never invest more than 49 into the middle tree unless I can disable the shield-replenishing skill, which would kill my current build and any like it. Infiltrator Zane does not want shields up.
  4. Weapon class: melee.
    I’d like this. Doesnt need to go crazy with variety, but given that we technically have a melee weapon in the form of Face-Puncher, I think it would be fun to have melee weapons drop. Would be fun and create interesting opportunities, maybe. Could even do fun things like a legendary that turns jumps into rolls, or a Tediore throwing knife that respawns in your hand, or the standard COV buzz axe.
  5. Class specific Anointed weapons.
    Basically a guarantee that Anointed weapons will either be specific to the class you find them with, or generic anointed (like attack up until miss or boost when sliding). Already too much RNG involved, and I have way too many Siren weapons for my Zane. This is imo and may not be best for everyone.

Feel free to add to this list if any of you have anything youd like adjusted or addressed, or tell me if you don’t like one or more of my ideas.


The only command you lose if you remap to BL2 scheme is changing missions but I don’t see the harm in your suggestion, I’d also like maybe click left stick to cycle missions if you go the BL2 scheme like I do.

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If you’re using a controller you also lose either the Pointer or Alternate Fire, depending on what you remap to Triangle/Y.

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Oh I never used pointer before I switched to alternate controls, forgot that’s a thing coz i use headset lol.

i have no idea why they ditched “hold Y for weapon wheel”. would’ve been a godsend in this game, holding Y / Triangle doesn’t do shiet right now i don’t think?

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Isn’t holding Y/triangle how you switch firing mode by default when you set it to Classic controls?

no idea

Also lose buy all ammo button if you go with BL2 button layout. Gotta manually buy my ammo but it’s worth it to keep controller layout between games.

Not on xbox, I still press Y at a machine to buy all ammo, X to enter store.

I’d like to also mention that Point #5 will become especially important if we get more VHs as DLC.
Would just clutter up the loot pool further and make it even harder to get the right gear.

I do miss the up down left right to select one of the 4 weapons. up for pistol down for sniper left for AR right for shotgun that part I do miss

How do you swap weapon modes? Maybe I need to reconfigure button scheme cause ‘buy all ammo’ is qol I can get behind.

I’m on classic controls on xbox. Swap weapon mode by holding Y. And to buy all ammo I just go to the vending machine and tap Y in range, out of range it just swaps weapon so make sure you see prompt.

Switch to classic controls and you can

Classic controls have fixed this issue for me in single player, not sure about mp. I still stand by my idea, and my other four ideas.

Oh I have no issue with that idea, was just adding I’d like an addition to classic controls too so we can change missions too. More options are always good for everyone.

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That’s fine, I just wish people would comment on the other four ideas XD

Oh yeah gotcha, I wanted to take full advantage of a few characters weapon mode swap speed so I set mine to just tapping, which now won’t let me purchase all ammo at once.

I can swap weapon modes a helluva lot faster tho haha.

Whish there was a bit more freedom in remapping/reassigning the buttons.

I agree with everything here, the only thing that gives me a few doubts it’s about the melee weapons…

Melee weapons can help Amara, Fl4k… but Moze and Zane? for what i remember they don’t have any skills that boost their melee damage.
whould’nt overperform on amara and fl4k and underperform on Zane and Moze?

Maybe it whould be better to have some sort of bow or crossbow?

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hell yes. infact, pretty sure they’ve said this is something they’re already working on.

I don’t play melee a lot in shooter games. but more options for people who does wouldn’t hurt, right?

No. Well, not entirely anyway. i do like the fact that i can find stuff for my other characters. it gives me more reasons to jump on and try out things on those. but, if the ratio were a bit higer towards the character you currently use, sure why not.

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