I'd like to think

…That if I were a Kraggon and every one around me was being shot to death by a few bullets after roaring at a human that I would decide not to roar.


Well, to quote Moxxi: “Roar for me, Pandora!”


You have to think, thiugh, Vault Hunters are few and far between.

I think a group of average Scavs versus a smaller group of Kraggons would be a battle in favour of the Kraggons.

Unless you are Nel, the Kraggon Slayer.

Nel is a dick.

I lol’d at how Wilhelm said it. Hard.

“You’re a dick.”

While everyone else said something like:

“Dead guy says you’re a dick.” or something close to that.

. . . that thread titles always describe the topic of discussion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same for skags, though. They had two full-length games to figure it out, but they didn’t. Varkids morph right in front of the creatures that are killing them, not stopping to consider that their chances are better if they stay SMALL and MOBILE.

Ah, instinct. Civilization and technology make it so quaint and pointless…

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Our reptile hind brain has become obsolete.

Until electricity can no longer be produced and then it’s back to savagery again…

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Now that is funny

One of my brother kraggons like to roar at me when we were growing up. I always told him one day his face would get stuck like that. Then he roared at a human with a cryo gun.

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I like to think that everything on Pandora and Elpis is cute and cuddly and just needs a loving bullet hug to the face.