I'd pay for a Stagecoach equivalent of the opq system

My favourite character build ever is Fade Away 3 shot gunboy Fl4k and on M10 I’m really missing playing like I used to before…
I can utterly destroy anything with the same build and an opq system but it just doesn’t feel the same…
I’ve tried with a x21 Stagecoach and a nice Hellwalker (btw my favourite gun) and I can make them kinda work but it’s kinda meh…
I miss those one/two shots…
I hope they balance other weapons to be on par with the new ones.

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With O.P.Q. you can slaughter things no matter the build. For few days I was using Rakk + O.P.Q. with anointment that didn’t actually work… and I didn’t notice.
I loved playing Jacobs FA Fl4k, huge crits, fast hits with some revolver mashing but currently O.P.Q. alone renders this whole build funny and inefficient, or if you make it works then it’s hard to enjoy it anymore.
Think Clairvoyance, you can make it work but why would you now?

@tysonyar just proposed to me in another thread to pair the Hellwalker with a Deadeye COM … maybe that‘ll work out better?

Yeah, stagecoaches got screwed over. We really need another Jakobs shotgun to compete.

I’ve tried but I don’t quite like it… It makes a bit of a difference but not enough tbh.

Feeling you. I am also not happy with what happened to my favorite playstyle

Was feeling the same issue so I tried a Skullmasher. It isn’t quite the same feeling as a Stagecoach or Scattergun but it can kill fairly well even on Mayhem 10.

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Never dropped for me … besides, I just want my damn shotgun build back

Let me just agree with the subject line of this thread right off.

GBX - please, please, PLEASE give us a fixed parts, x25 version of the Stagecoach. Honestly, you don’t even really have to increase the base damage but I would not argue with that at all. I just want to have a drop source for a x25 version. Farming good purples sucks.


Agreed, try specifically to get a x2 Lump, X18 Bangstick or a x2 Hedgehog/Quickie.

Legendaries are way easier to come across.


I seem to see x18 Bangsticks a whole lot more often than x21 Stagecoaches. I see Lumps, Hedgehogs, and Quickies x2 fairly often too. I have never seen a x25 Stagecoach.

All are rare but for some reason the x25 Stagecoach seems mega-rare or something.

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Also, instead of a lump you can now use a Plaguebearer for similar results.
See… as long as there is a farmable and usable option that keeps the essence of the gameplay intact and it’s viable it’s ok for me… That’s why I miss a multi pellet shotgun so much.


I high pellet count Jakob’s Lego would be great! The Garcia is pretty viable now, but it just doesn’t have the Fade Loop synergy that the Stagecoach does. I would love to see the Hellwalker be X12/X24. It’s locked to incendiary, so it would still be situational. I don’t think this would be game breaking.

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The game trolled me a few days ago. A nice x25 stagecoach with 100% damage after ASE. My heart sank when I read the M0 damage on the card :frowning:

My 1st ever x25 and it is useless for anything at the levels I want to play…

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I feel ya, only one I have seen wasn’t annointed.

Maurice gave me a 100% damage x21 Stagecoach but it’s m0…
Marcus is right, he wants to watch the world burn…

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They REALLY need to let mailed items scale. Torgue sent me a X2 Hedgehog with >90 300 the other day.

Same. Got a x21 with 300%, scaled to M0. :dizzy_face:

As well as a slew of other guns that almost would’ve been great. That’s what makes the off scaled drops and mail items even worse. I’m getting things I was looking for way back, but now they are worthless.

Hey all. Has anyone tried using a Reflux as a temporary fix for this Stagecoach dilemma? I don’t have a scattergun but a few skullmashers. I currently use the OPQ with Boom Sickles. I rarely use my stagecoach any more. I’m slowly moving my FL4K up through MH (mh 4 atm) not quite sure how this loadout will work @ mh 6+. The opq would work sickles not so sure.

A x25 Stagecoach is still ok on M6 but not fantastic as it used to be.
A Reflux is fantastic but not as a Stagecoach replacement but a Brainstormer replacement. It’s just a totally digferent gun than the Stagecoach and cannot replace it
@tysonyar proposed a Hellwalker with a pretty nicely rolled Deadeye com (Jakobs crit, shotgun dmg) and +3 TFatF which I did not test as of now.