I'd pay for a Stagecoach equivalent of the opq system

Hi. Thanks for the suggestions. My current load out is:

  1. Dastardly Maggie 961x6 ASE 100% wd
  2. Dastardly Stagecoach 593x25 consec hits wd 1%
  3. Cost effective refined OPQ System 6540x2 Gain 300% WD >90% health
  4. Boom sickles consecutive hits wd 1%. Most elements
    God butcher frenetic bounty hunter 3 dangerous game 2 frenzy 21 weapon crit dng, 28% WD, 35% AS cool down. Have another with shotgun dmg.
    My FL4K wrecks so far at mh 4 - moving straight to mh 6 after I bury this wendigo.

I May try that Hellwalker suggestion as I have the gear somewhere on a mule. lol.
Got the OPQ off my Zane that ran mh 10 and not sure if it’s mh 10 or lower though.

Anyhoo thanks again and if you think of a better weapon loadout than above, I would gladly accept your suggestions.
Cheers mate :beer:

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x25 Jakobs Shotgun with Call bullet ricochet effects and ammo returned. GB PLEASE