I'd still like to see the Homeworld games come to GOG.com

I get that most people here are fine with a Steam exclusive, and I’m not here to upset those. However, I know there are those that would like DRM-free versions of at least Homeworld Classic, and the GOG wishlist has over 40,000 votes for the Homeworld series to appear on GOG. http://www.gog.com/wishlist/games#search=homeworld&order=votes_total And GOG is working on getting their multiplayer portion of Galaxy up and running well, so I don’t see why Gearbox couldn’t take advantage of that, if the Remastered games can ONLY use Steam Multiplayer, why not let people at least buy the Classic versions from their store of choice?

The thing that does frustrate me is that Gearbox seems to be ignoring requests for even an acknowledgement that people would like a DRM-free and/or GOG version of the games.


We don’t need any more gog threads. Its not coming and if it was I’m sure gbx will let ppl know in due course.

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I wouldn’t have made a new one but the previous threads were lost with the old forum.

I agree with OP. I’m one of many people willing to buy Homeworld games on GOG, and it’s absolutely beyond my comprehension why Gearbox would decide that they don’t want our money. It’s fantastic that they’re bringing the games back, but I remember Homeworld because of its single player campaign and I don’t really need remastered version in all the Steam integrated glory to enjoy it.

Yes, please! I’d definitely like to see Homeworld games on GOG including the upcoming Homewolrd Remastered. Like many others, I’m not using Steam and any other DRMed services so I buy all my games from GOG and to lesser extend from Humble Bundle. And any Steam exclusive title is simply not relevant for me. So please don’t ignore us and release your games on GOG!

I can understand that Steam users would want to see some game on Steam, but why would they want to make it exclusive? It’s not like they are losing anything from making this game available for more gamers who buy games form other distributors. I personally don’t like exclusives. It’s exactly that - excluding some users from buying those games which is needed why?

Plus, Homeworid (classic and remastered) should have single player mode which shouldn’t require any Steamworks or Galaxy, so the game can be sold without requiring either of them really as long as it’s coded not to rely on them to even launch.


I’ve already pre-ordered my steam

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Don’t discuss piracy at all, ever, here.

Not even a little bit.


A gog thread isn’t a good idea cos on old forums it descended into a steam hate group.

Well, at least it’s not only on origin :smile: Or
worse, on uplay… :hankey:

True, but let’s see how it goes. I’m aware of the potential of this to go horribly wrong.

It’s true Steam is one of the lesser evils but I still don’t have absolute faith in it. I can rest easy knowing my original copies of Homeworld 1 and 2 will last as long as I want but Remastered relies on Steam.

Releasing on more than one distribution platform would be better and one that doesn’t rely on the constant stability of an online system is best.

I’ve been thinking though about the new features in HW:R and how they work with Steam. If the multiplayer system is too closely woven into Steam architecture it might not be possible to launch it on another platform.

Steam is what it is end of story. I’ve played on Steam since the first days of HalfLife2 I never had a personal complaint I like it a lot better than a lot of alternatives. In life there are some things that everyone or every company can do better. Reality is Steam is not that bad really its not.

I don’t see a problem with having this on GOG myself, I wont ever use this feature, but I do not see the problem in having them on both platforms. However I don’t expect this to happen until well after the game is released, it could be awhile before gearbox considers this.

While HW1 and 2 classic/remastered singleplayer could be released on GOG, the remastered multiplayer has been moved from the now defunct gamespy to steamworks for its networking, so the multiplayer NEEDS steam to work.

Also homeworld remastered modding is being integrated with steam workshop, which is FANTASTIC, but it also means manually modding doesn’t work anymore/if it does somehow you could run into some glitches, so for mods to work you also need steam.

I’ve had steam for 8 years and I have never ever had a complaint about it, and valve (people that own steam for those that do not know) are such a corporate success I don’t see steam shutting down anywhere at all in the near future, if at all.

For those worried about the being online aspect, steam has an offline mode, so you can play all your games without connecting to the servers.

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I’m not sure this is a given. Everyone I know who plays a heavily modded skyrim, for instance, does it with external tools, not steam workshop.

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I’m sure many people can dislike Steam because of DRM, but it’s not a reason not to discuss the proposal to bring Homeworld games to GOG. Let’s discuss this constructively rather than degrading it to flaming.

End of story why exactly? I have hard time understanding why users of one distributor would oppose developers releasing their games on more services to reach more potential users.

That’s too bad for the multiplayer. I don’t like when developers lock you into one single distrubutor just because they use some network API that they couldn’t implement themselves. While such API can be useful for developers, attached distributor lock-in doesn’t sound reasonable to me and developers should avoid doing that. Also, relying on a certain vendor to provide multiplayer servers is bad if that vendor goes belly up (you can easily see how many old games are affected by this). That’s why I strongly prefer games which allow running your own server and not having hard dependency on any third party.

I don’t mind however if Homeworld Remastered would be released on GOG without multiplayer - I’m usually interested in singleplayer aspects anyway.

That doesn’t mean everyone else sees it the same. Those who oppose DRM avoid Steam which is pro DRM in general. GOG being DRM-free is a distributor of preference for such users, so it’s natural for them to ask Howewolrd games to be released on GOG.

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Hi, I support this request wholehearted, as more choice is always preferable for us users and more markets are beneficial for sellers too. GOG.com offers here another chance to bring the remake to another audience with different focus than the steam audience. Beneficial here for Gearbox might be that the gog.com audience is not that sale focused (as other audiences) but appreciates and is willing to pay more for it for idealistic benefits. So, go for it gearbox, target the classical PC gamers with the deeper pockets too! :wink:

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