IDEA: a slower paced/more team oriented mode for Missions

I would love to see a mode for Story missions that plays more like a traditional MMO Raid.

I feel the players move too fast, and jump around getting into fights really far away from the team; generally being ridiculous too much for a team to work together.

I absolutely adore the characters and the game mechanics, but It is rare to see a group actually work together. I know affecting the overall speed of the game is a risky move, but for players who are serious (e.g. progression raiders) they would certainly appreciate an opportunity to work together and combine skills in a SMARTER way.

The reason why Raids are the way there are is mostly due to difficulty.

I think a better alternative would be to create missions that are uniquely challenging and require players to work together. Players will stop being stupid when they continue to die. Also, give it some time, this game has only been out for a little while.

I really don’t think it is the developer’s job to make smart players. Raids were never PUGs, Raids were always groups of people who were communicating with mics who all had a goal in mind. Lead by a guy who has run this raid a hundred times and backed up by others who have played the raid before. It sounds like you need a dedicated group of friends.

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I think this is more of a problem with the players than the game. You can take the story missions very slow, looting everything, avoiding needless spawns until you’re ready for them. You just need to have partners on the same page.

I’m actually curious to know how many of those who’ve bought the game have played an MMO/MOBA/thing before, and how many are coming from mostly solo play? I have no idea how you’d try and find that out though.

This seems to be the underlying theme with so many complaints with this game.

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Confused. The theme of the complaints is that the developers need to make smart players? Or that the developers don’t need to make smart players?

Because most of the people I’ve “met” online don’t tend to take responsibility for themselves and would prefer the Developers do everything.

Yep. I played The Sentinel once in a PUG and everybody there basically ran ahead, trying to get to the objective. When I play with my group, it takes twice as long because we actually stop to pick up stuff, build turrets, and make sure nobody’s left behind. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. I guess most people don’t know that doing the match quickly won’t grant you a higher score and your score may be lower because you’re missing a lot of enemies and pickups. That and you may or may not be level 10 by the end.

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It may not be a developers job to make smart players, but they can certainly encourage smart play (or “incentivize” if you’re into the whole corporate buzzwords thing)

Why not have advanced mode actually be advanced? Throw in a few more tricks for the bosses (please don’t just make them bullet sponges though). Require communication and dedication, with the understanding that even the best players with all the skills and communication in the world might fail. In fact, you’re almost certain to fail the first try or two.

Quick example, using a boss we’ve certainly all fought : Varelsi Conservator. Add extra Shielder units (whatever they’re called) and have only 1 vulnerable at a time. For extra difficulty, any damage done to players by the death bubble could heal the boss. You could add another trip to the “Space Dimension,” and if you wanted to get really nasty, add a minor health drain that ramps up the longer you’re in there (and maybe that heals the boss, too)

Now you have a genuinely advanced fight. One that requires teamwork and planning. One that will probably require a slower approach to the rest of the mission, to ensure everyone is level 10 before they fight that joker. And when you beat him (her?) you’ll have earned the greater rewards.

Edit: maybe make this advanced advanced. Super advanced. Maybe even just 1 or 2 dedicated PvE missions that explicitly say “designed for a group. Solo this at your peril”

Advanced hardcore. If people run off, they will get annihilated at various points.