Idea (Borderlands 3)

My idea is to add abilities to Borderlands, just like Battleborn.

So each tree represents the ability.

Example: Instead of putting a point in “Zero’s Deception” You have 3 choices, Ability 1, Ability 2 & Ability 3. Upgrade each one to make them unique to you.

Each ability has its own key.

Skill Tree

Tell me what you think.


Hmmmm, it sounds like BL to me, except you had to unlock 1 top skill tree to get to the ones underneath them.
And, even then, you had to unlock on one side or another to unlock some that were 3 wide.

Or, am I misinterpreting what you are saying?
Sorry if I am.

In Borderlands 2 Zero’s Action Skill was Deception right?
So instead of just having Deception, have 3 Action Skills.

Example: Action Skill 1 is a fireball you shoot at people. Action Skill 2 is a bubble of health that you place wherever you want. Action Skill 3 is a turret you put on the ground.

Each action skill has its own key btw

Hope you understand now. :wink:

Ah yes.
Each character had a major action skill (I started playing BL1 again last night, after 3 years of not playing it).
Got it.

Interesting idea. What if I picked two or even three trees? Would I only get the first skill or could I switch between them? Bl2 actually introduced a really cool idea with stacking abilities like anarchy. I think we will see more stuff like that that is unlocked in the skill tree. Maybe have a skill that can have 5 points in it but each point you put in it makes it do something different. Example at level 1 it grants a static health boost. Level 2 it grants health Regen when shields are down. Level 3 damage reduction while health is low level 4 a percentage of health returned on kill, level 5 constant health Regen. This would allow for more custom builds and varieties.

The point is to have 3 Action Skills on one Character. Just like Battleborn.

I like your Idea btw. That would be very cool.

I see what you mean. The only issue I have with that is there’s not enough buttons on controllers. I get that the pc master race doesn’t have this problem. On the ps4, for BB, the action skill buttons are l1 and l2 with the ultimate being triangle. For BL, l1 is the action skill with r2 being grenade and drivable being weapon swap. I’d be OK with losing the weapon swap function as I use the dpad for that but I know alot of people that use triangle.

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X - Jump/Switch Vehicle Seat
Square - Reload/Pickup/Use/Enter Vehicle
Circle - Crouch/Trade/Exit Vehicle
Triangle - Action Skill 3
L3 - Sprint/Vehicle Horn
R3 - Melee/Vehicle Rear View
L1 - Action Skill 1/Vehicle Boost
R1 - Action Skill 2/Vehicle Handbrake
Touch Pad - Menu
L2 - Aim/Vehicle Secondary Fire
R2 - Fire/Vehicle Fire
Up Arrow - Grenade
Down Arrow - Drop Item
Left Arrow - Cycle Weapons / Navigate when in menu (Switch to missions/map/inventory.)
Right Arrow - Cycle Weapons / Navigate when in menu (Switch to missions/map/inventory.)

Even tho this works is still complicated.

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Another good idea would be to make said abilities last longer because in 2 the active skills only last a short amount of time

That would be nice if you only had 1 Action Skill. But my idea is to have 3, so its fine if they last a short duration.

Or have it like skyrim to where you have to have mana but instead make it like energy or something

I’m not a big fan, sorry to say.

Personally, I like that each character in BL only has one action skill, because you can develop how you want to use it further. Like Zer0, you could choose whether you wanted to mow down people in Deception with melee using Many Must Fall, or using Cunning to hit your enemies with Death Blossom.

Three action skills would mean only one skill tree per skill, and that seems a little bland to me!