Idea: Change Moze's perk

Just annoyed at how little regen she has compared to other vault hunters.
It would be nice if they could rework her “land a critshot to begin regening shields” to something based on percentage like 2% of max health per level. Additionaly, a kill should double this. This way it works very nicely with blood letter.


I’ve suggested this in the past. It would be like Able for Axton. If it heals health it would work for builds with Tenacious Defense and would work for shields with a Bloodletter.


my thought was change Behind the iron curtain to .5% on crits, stacking up to 3 times for consecutive crits. 21% recharge rate and -21% delay for 3 points in a tier 4 skill is pretty bad as it stands.


I loved playing with her but Mayhem 3/4 forcing me to use Vampyr and Bloodletter just threw me off. It was like the game telling you how to play.
They need to revamp a couple of her perks.
Like maybe health regen based on splash damage?
And how about Iron Bear giving her a passive health regen?

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Just FYI you can play M4 (and especially m3) w/o using bloodletter. Blast master (and mind sweeper to a slightly lesser extent) are totally viable, with the caviat that yes, vampyr is basically mandatory (at least, I still haven’t managed to play w/o it; and I don’t see why should I do that and make my life complicated).
If you combine the big boom blaster with a mirv grenade and vampyr you can regen both health and shield all you want (I semi-reliably solo m4 takedown with that) but if you use other booster shields that can regen health too you could in theory not use vampyr as well.
Lastly, let’s not forget the transformer+electric grenade combo.

That said, we definitely need more options when it comes to sustainment; as powerful as vampyr is, having to spec into it takes too many points away from other builds, and not speccing into it makes you a glass cannon with little survivability.


the only piece of gear for moze that feels slightly required in m4 is the Big Boom Blaster. and thats not because other shields are bad, but simply because the BBB is, while arguable, probably just the flatout best shield we have available to us. if you’re not running vampyr, you still have boosters there to keep your shields up. we also rely on grenades a lot for their utility, between stripping shields, procing redistribution, etc. and the BBB keeps them going. transformers, stop gaps, and other shields are still useful, but when starting a new build idea for moze it currently feels like you start with the BBB as your shield and then make adjustments if necessary.

COM wise though, all 3 useful COMs can be built around, and each in multiple ways.

Bloodletter builds already work, and you want to make them more powerfull ? I think thats the whole problem with balance changes in this game, you need to forget about the thigns that already work, and work on those that doesnt, we need health regen, we need builds with health gate, we need perks to work properly and be usefull for the tree they are in, like shield of retribution capstone thats 100% against the tree’s low hp demand, we need defensive skills, damge reduction or natural regen in more than 1 perk, we need something to regen shields that doesnt involve grenade cheesiness, we need easier to get quality of life perks, tier 1 and 2 defensive skills.



I was messing around in Path of Exile and made a connection between the Occultist class and SoR Moze. Both heavily rely on shields for survivability. One perk that Occultist used to have was that damage did not interrupt shield recharge. Moze’s Full Can of Whoop Ass also has this property. When you exit IB, your shield still recharges despite taking damage.

Back to the topic, FF could benefit from this. Let’s say, “On critical kill, damage does not interrupt shield recharge” for a few seconds and an extra part would be needed for shield recharge, but it should also be different from Shield Reboot. I was thinking scoring criticals would lower Moze’s shield recharge delay by a set amount of time. It can be balanced by adding a cooldown or diminishing returns.

As for Behind the Iron Curtain, I think it needs to be able to scale with larger shields to be a competitive option. Currently, it’s okay for small and faster recharging shields and an alternative to TRL builds. It’d be cool if when you start recharging your shield, you get a small percentage of it back. Sort of like a mini-Tenacious Defense. Or an even smaller percentage of shield capacity supplements Moze’s recharge rate.

If Health regen or Able is added, then BM tree could use it. Redistribution seems appropriate, but I don’t expect the number to be strong.

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I made a thread a while back with some
reasonable suggestions in it to help Moze out a bit with some sustain.

I think Security Bear had a very small Healing Aura attached and Forget and Redistribution had healing components attached.

Anyways, here is the thread if anyone would like to read/add thoughts.

I made a thread a whiles back with some suggestions to help Moze with some needed sustain. It didn’t get a lot of traction but it’s some good ideas.

Edit: I feel a little bad bc some folks thought it was real.

no, we want them to function without still relying on vampyr for regen.

the complaint has always been “i have no sustain without vampyr.”

“without vampyr” means decent dedication to SoR, which means significant investment in supplanting health in favour of shield values. the effect of bloodletter is powerful because it allows us to pump shield values instead of health, and then use some form of health regen as shield regen. more health regen effects just add more sustain to bloodletter. they also do nothing to help SoR builds that want to use something other than bloodletter, as without it, shield regen is lacking. health regen is pretty useless when you have 2k health and a 30k shield, and you aren’t utilizing SoR without some kind of health substitution, because without it desperate measures is a pointless skill. sure, you’ll probably always have that 2k health outside FFYL, but you’re stuck to relying on garbage shield regen rates and delays or the RNG of boosters and their pickup working properly. if BL3 shields recharge rates were percentage based instead of flat valued, it would be a much smaller issue. but while a recharge rate of 1500 is acceptable on a 6-8k shield value, it’s nothing when your shields are 5 times that.

better shield regen is the answer to improving moze’s build diversity. otherwise what we get is just more of the same.

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You dont need vampyr at all to make a bloodleter work tho, only if you want to make it a brainless build