Idea: Community Creations Page

@JoeKGBX @Jythri There are lots of very talented and passionate people in this community creating super cool content. While there are some awesome places such as Fan Creations, DeviantArt, the Unofficial Discord or Reddit, there’s still quite a bit of fragmentation going on. These places are also not the best at showcasing the work that fans do in support of Battleborn and other Gearbox games.

It would be nice to see something similar to the Creations page on set up on (or maybe, allowing fans to funnel all their work into one place, but also offering people with a way to like stuff and follow on to check out their other work.

I have considered setting up a section on my website to do this, but I doubt I’d have the time to moderate it so unless there are some community members out there willing to keep it clean, I’d only be creating a potential avenue for more toxic conversation :confused:

Things that could potentially be shared on such a page:

  • Fanart, Videos and/or music, incl podcasts and video guides
  • Fan Fiction
  • Cosplays
  • Community Events / Tournaments
  • Maybe even a place for Streamers and other Content Creators to plug their stuff

The idea being that people could “react” (ie like and/or share) to everything from one page (ie no clicking off to somewhere else) and filter down to just what they want to look at. It would also need to be responsive so people could view it from phones etc.

A common thing i always hear from people when they come across something for the first time is, “how come I have never seen/heard of this before?” I think if there was a Community/Creations page that was easy to find and easy to use, there would be a little less fragmentation in the Community. :sunglasses:


I’ve always wondered why Gearbox has yet to do such a thing.

It’s definitely no small task.

  1. You’d have to build an easy to use form that is not only able to handle a bunch of different sources, but also sanitize user input etc. This can be a lot of work to do right and will often take several iterations before it starts to feel good and easy to use.
  2. You’d probably want some kind of third party authentication (ie login with Twitter/Facebook/SHiFT) to reduce the likelihood of spam and to tie submissions to users instead of it all being anonymous.
  3. You’d then have to store that user input. Opting to only store what is necessary and pull information from external links are ways in which you can reduce this, but there’s still a certain amount of stuff you have to track. Along with this is moderation. How are you going to prevent people from posting inappropriate content and such?
  4. Building a frontend UI like this can also be a lot of work, and there’s even some backend implementation stuff you’d have to consider depending on what you want to be sharable.
  5. Let’s not forget SEO… Meh…
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Excuses! Justifications! …Confusing words! Do this, Gearbox; do it NOW!


Try clicking on those




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Wow… I mean, i’m not crazy about the food; but the service here is EXCELLENT!

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See “how come i never knew about this before?” :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean its not quite what i had in mind, but that is definitely better than what I thought we had.


I want to see something that has the community a bit more engaged, those are more highlights and are not exclusive to any one game (though mostly Borderlands).


Not to mention it is exclusive to images. There are a lot of things that can be classed as a fan creation.

Gearbox did promote the new site a bit during the summer. 1 Day tweet spam by GBX social media and employees. They could have promoted the community section. Yes they could do some spotlights, but we do have the community badass award.

In the past there there have been 2 blog post featuring some fanart. One of them had a wallpaper made by myself in it, but sadly with the new site i’m no longer featured on there. Where is my fame @GBX_Menace :stuck_out_tongue: But some of this has been taken over by social media shout outs highlighting fan creations. This way GBX does show appreciation to their community, but because of all the like/shares/retweets it creates some brand awareness. Which is what you want as a company. level up that engagement rate :wink:

The Battleplan is currently Battleborn focused, will this weekly update evolve into a more GBX global update in the future. GBX has been doing some upgrades internally with a bigger office and a whole new studio in canada. So i expect more projects and therefore more updates. Will each franchise get his own “Battleplan” or will there be only one to rule them all. @JoeKGBX

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What? No studio in the Netherlands? What are you doing man??


The idea behind a creations page is that the devs won’t have to go looking for fan content because fans will be sending it all to them and choosing what stuff is the best via a community voting system. They can then share that onto social media linking back to the creations page and encouraging others to submit content. This is what Bungie has been more or less doing for about a year now, but I think there’s potential there to improve upon it and put a Gearbox twist on it. :sunglasses:

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I think i need to check some more boxes or something.

Awarded Community Badass

I got my business card ready. Even Randy Pitchford approves these.

I got my desk all set up.

My work is all over the GBX Frisco office

I have proof of my work being mistaken for OFFICIAL work.

I hang out with the GBX team

I’m think i got @JoeKGBX’s old community sponge position, so it’s just a matter of time right :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha yep! You are definitely qualified! XD

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A one person office still counts as an office, right? @JoeKGBX - send the man a sign to hang on his door already!


In a 100% related to the topic note… Bungie just showed off their plans for Twitch Integration on their website.

See the list of streams that are currently live and which ones are trending. :open_mouth:

Watch the stream directly from the streamer’s profile page and inspect their loadouts (powered by the Bungie APIs). :open_mouth:

@scottv This is the kind of awesome stuff I’m talking about!

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Yeah, this is great work.