[IDEA] Concept Art Dump / Model Request Thread

Hey gang - had a notion - how about a sort of ship/model request thread? I can think of a few uses - would give modelers/texturers a chance to flex their skills on new ships or mods; could reduce the backlog of ideas waiting to be turned into mods; could help identify and form mod teams, etc.

For example, if somebody has their eye on specific concept ships from the Homeworld art that have never made it to the models, they could identify those and state what they’ve got in mind for them and what mod they would end up in.

This would be sort of a “community board” - some members would come by and post concepts, others would pull them and work on them, and as a result the mod community as a whole might grow.

To emphasize - this is NOT an ideas thread. It is “post concept art and see if anyone is interested in making it so that more or more complete mods can become a reality more quickly”



This is a good idea… I hope to see it put to good use. Heck, I’d make a request or two myself, but I leave that call in the hands of the more senior members of the team.

Someone really really has to make Lazarus, soon enough you’ll know why.

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Yeah because the Agamemnon needs a counter part for the hiiigaran side. Would be awesome to see someone do a lazarus.



That’s right. :slight_smile: This guy will need a worthy opponent.

I intend to make this for use in the Taiidan Republic Mod single player campaign:

As with the other assets in our mod, it would be available to other people for use…


You keep promising that. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m on that Avetorian’s Agamemmnon and maybe some concept Cruiser models.

And if I may dare to make requests, I request derelicts, megaliths, stations and in general things I can put into maps.


Someone should make Bentus whole… that is my most sincere request. Power to the tower, yo!!!

I have my old lazarus model. Today i could do much better one as my Skilzx are better :smiley:

no hotlinking allowed…

2 of my lazarus models, you can cleary see which one is older.

If you want em i can give em to you.


Truly, I’m not sure what I did wrong… Could you explain?

those are very nice models indeed. If you’re willing to share, then that’s great I’ll take em.

Your posted image redirects to this broken image called “no_hot_linking.jpg”

I found one doing a reverse image search, though.

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Huh, it doesn’t do that for me, so… well, just ‘huh’, I guess.

Anyway, thanks for the better link!

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I confirm your link didn’t work on my end either.

Well that’s just not fair, gosh darn it! As far as I knew I had posted a perfectly visible picture of Bentus; there was no sign otherwise here on my end. Dang it all! Dang it all to HECK!



Okay. i give you link for em today, do what ever pleases you with em :slight_smile:

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