Idea for a build, need help

Alright so I have for a pretty long time been theorizing about a build, but I need help to figure out if it even works.

Basically the thought it to go for a splash master build that goes all in shock damage with a transformer shield to constantly heal yourself and just basically go right up to the mobs and shoot them point blank.

I’ve had OK success doing this with a Protuberance, but im thinking if this actually has any long term viability.

It could be cool if you could work in a elemental projector otto idol maybe.

I think the shock devils foursum is the gun you want for this kind of play style. Aim at your feet or at an angle to the ground and shoot

I think ive seen someone do something like that with the devils but the damage was just…underwheling.

Yeah, the shock Protuberance or Host is the way to go – though its damage against armored badasses in M4 leaves something to be desired. The Elemental Projector is really key though; the 50% bonus shock damage anoint is good, but not completely necessary.

You can go fully into FitSD with the build btw – anything with a base damage of 1k will more than replenish your shields.

If the goal is healing your Transformer shield with shock splash damage, you’ll want to avoid more than 1 point in FitSD. You’ll end up counteracting the healing with the fire dot damage.

You can use 1 point in FitSD to fire dot yourself while you still have your shock weapon equipped, then switch to fire weapon for Elemental Projector bonus.

You can’t apply a shock dot to yourself if you’re wearing a Transformer. You can only get bonus shock through anointments.