Idea for a class (dlc class maybe) for Borderlands 3

I’ll keep this brief, I was in another topic where people were talking about possibly resurrecting past vault hunters for borderlands 3. Was an interesting idea.
Then when I was doing the mission in the dust getting the bandit tech, when it was being digistruct uploaded, it tweaked an idea.

Why not a class in BL3 that is somewhat like a necromancer? But instead of raising downed enemies from the dead, digistruct copies of them to fight for you. Could perhaps be a character using corporate or military gear, something like axton’s digistruct projector for his turrets, but with a scanner to scan the battlefield and carbon copy the downed enemies.
Could call it a Digimancer or something like.

Anyway, just an idea I had that I thought would/could be cool. Feel free to like it or bash it, everyone has an opinion (as well as other stuff). :wink:

The first thing added to a game when devs are completely dry on fresh ideas, is zombies! That’s the cheap and easy way to do things. Cheap and easy doesn’t cut it in Borderlands. They tried that in the Pre-Sequel, and look how well that turned out.

Zombies, Necromancers, Vampires… There are tons of games with that, but they have NO PLACE WHAT SO EVER in Borderlands.


Uh, I don’t recall saying zombies. In fact, I didn’t say necromancer either, I said somewhat like a necromancer. But, I ended before with what everyone has, so welcome to your opinion, although it seems from your response you didn’t read my post. Anyway, it was an idea, that is all.

What about in Jakobs Cove?

Mad Explosive Tina and Elemental Moxxi. As for the names of the classes, Tina could be Crazy Explosion Engineer or simply Bomber (Boomer?) and Moxxi Throat Cutter.

Yeah, seeing Tina return as an explosive wielding adult VH would be cool.

“Miss Moxxi as the Ballbuster”. It just has a ring to it.


Tina should be in bl3 no doubt make it happen gearbox​:+1::+1::+1::+1:

Man, now I can’t stop thinking about what the ballbuster class would be like. Her special skill would be ball busting, plain and simple. She’d get bonus stats when she shoots enemies in their nards. She could even get “ball stacks” with each consecutive hit. Maybe even a melee override skill like Salvador’s “Fistful of Hurt”, where she knees enemies in their testicles when you hit the melee button and it stuns them for a few seconds. That one would be called “Nutcracker”. Are you writing this down, Gearbox? I’m giving you gold here!

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I’d think Moxxxi would be tough enough without having to resort to cheap-shotting people in the jewels.

Matter of fact; she’d probably want to have a word with you and yours for implying otherwise.

Just sayin’ :wink:

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Moxxi the ballbuster against pete the invincible XD who would win…

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Just because it has been done, doesn’t mean that it was good. It was actually the reason why I stopped playing BL1. Apart from shooting stuff, Borderlands is a lot about crazy/disturbed individuals who say and do funny stuff. Zombie dialogue is more like… “Uuuuuuuh!”

How about TTAODK? There are Necromancers there.

Not to try to pull this back to track, but…

My suggestion was not a necromancer class. I only used necromancer as a way to explain what I meant. The class I was thinking of would not raise the dead, they would digistruct copies of enemies they killed, and those copies would fight for them, like Gaige’s mech.

I for once think it would be massively awesome to evoke the dead from the…dead. Just for a short time to make their misery more intense. Being brought back could cause them to shout out something like: “Oh no! I’ve just killed my brother!!” or “Tell Steve [Heyooo!] from me!!”. Think about it guys.

Well, that just changes everything, doesn’t it.

@Dev Team: Stop what you’re doing, and prepare for Necromancers. They’ve been sighted in TTAoDK, and we all know how those little buggers tend to multiply themselves.

Walks away