Idea for a DLC recycling gun

When farming for guns we often end up with a sea of unused guns all over the place that sometimes even start to slow the game down and make it hard to sift through to find the good stuff. It would be awesome if we had a special gun that doesn’t shoot for damage but if you shoot a gun on the ground it would remove it and maybe refund the player with cash or eridium or something like that.

I’m sure gearbox could make an awesome hipster/hippie character that runs a recycling booth in a DLC that rants about how the corporations are ruining the borderlands by stripping all the natural resources and polluting the planets with common guns. He will give you a quest and at the end that will reward you with the recycling gun. Maybe the gun will reward you with hipster points that you can use to buy organic, non-gmo, gluten free , grass fed guns lol! I think it would be a cool quality of life tool that would be a permanent addition to everyone’s inventory.