Idea for a future dlc character

I think it would be awesome if you could make a dlc character that used a spear. A melee character with an extended reach could be pretty awesome. They would probably work best as a Eldrid or Jennerit, but any faction would do. I just want to have a spear wielder to play as.

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I want to see someone who uses a flamethrower. The Pyro was my favorite class in TF2, and seeing a pyro hero here would make my day!

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Peacekeeper or Rogue would be awesome for a flamethrower character!

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I could see both our guys as Defenders. You’d be a quick poker type that annoys others, with an especially strong poke to really hurt others, ESPESCIALLY WITH CRITS, and I’d be a gigantic slasher wannabe that stalks close quarters hallways and makes my foes runaway screaming and toasty! :grin:

Fire + Spear + Defender/dmg-dealer = Ambra?

Though I´d love a true Pyro-char with more firey fire (Ambra & S&A are cool, but not that much pyromanic^^)

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Ambra uses a close to mid range staff energy attack. I mean a spear melee weapon. Lots of stab and slash attacks.

Maybe the bird-looking DLC character could use a flamethrower along with the grenade launcher it looks like she already has, that’d be a pretty satisfying combination. Or the giant robot guy easily could have flame jets in his arms / feet / back.

I still would like a summoner type character; basic attack spawns something that attacks and dies or flees, one special spawns two medium level creatures and ult of course a big nasty. Maybe other special augments creatures / team mates.


I support weaponry that turns up the heat

I want an extremely skinny Anthropomorphic Hippo assassin… named Hippo Crit.


Make this a thing, GBX, this is gold, here.