Idea for a New Enemy Type

This is just something i want to get off my chest, i have a new enemy type idea, this enemy type is called the bloodthirst enemy. They only spawn in the COV & maliwn ranks, what sets them apart from their badass & superbadass bretheren is their different appearence, they have darker coloured armour/clothing, red glowing eyes & blood that covers some parts of their weapons & armour/clothing, they are stronger than a superbadass, they have 2x more health/armour/shields, 2x more damage, 2x faster (movement & attack speed), leech health in proportion to the damage dealt & their extremely relentless (relentless enough to chase you very far from where they spawned & in some cases just attack their own allies for no reason), of course because of their difficulty they would drop more loot & exp, their name is different depending on the mode ,example, Normal mode: Bloodthirst psycho, true vault hunter mode: Bloodfueled lunatic & ultimate vault hunter mode/mayhem mode: Bloodsoaked maniac.
What’s your opinions vault hunters?

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This gives me some vibes from the cursed pirates of the BL2 captain’s booty DLC.
Im digging the faster everything and more damage, BUT, i’d make them as weak as a normal enemy.
Just an enemy to induce a panic attack, although if downed, he’d be easy enough to squish.

These types of enemies are just as if not rarer than a badass/ superbadass enemy, as a matter of fact they have a 25% chance of replacing a badass enemy when they try to spawn.
I want to give the players a type of badass/ superbadass enemy that theyd want to keep their eyes peeled for, as i have said before they will chase you very far from their inital spawn, i’m thinking of making it so that theyd spawn in a pack of 3 - 5 & god help you if you piss off a bloodsoaked goliath cause not just are they 5 - 10X worse than a standard raging goliath they also get a small flat life regen bonus

I HATED them!!!

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I actually think unique enemies is an area that GB shines in. Although I hate anointed enemies, I do respect the additional challenge they propose so I don’t mind them at all.

Your idea does sound cool and GB could certainly add more enemy types with different attributes that could provide a wider range of attack and defenses. At the current state of the game it could be a real improvement if the new enemy types forced a different approach than just point and shoot while being nothing more than a different looking bullet sponge.

my only problem with annointed enemies is that i cant smash em with iron bear. I know the drops wont be worth it but still. (yes my build consists of 2 minuts of iron bear duration…)

I sure could use new or more enemies though, even if theyre reskins. Joey was a good enough boss for my taste even if he was just your everyday enforcer reskinned.

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